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The Decade of War (1936-1946)
~ Page 2 ~ January 1939 - December 1940
Redbourn, Hertfordshire

It may be noted of Douglas and Babs Anstruther's visitors during this decade (see arrow link above to page one of this section) that some were direct family members. Other visitors were family friends or acquaintances and some of these would continue to visit Greyfriars after the War and/or would subsequently visit their Gloucestershire home at Tetbury.

A further group of visitors seem to have been individuals visiting for a specific purpose - whether on engineering or horse business or, perhaps, as part of some intrigue or issue related to national or international events.

Douglas Anstruther worked for the engineering firm, Lanes. He made a number of Continental business trips. The years 1936-1938 were brooding years in terms of developments in Europe. War was declared on 3rd September 1939, Jean Anstruther's twelfth birthday.

Research to names and backgrounds in progress
- all information from readers/researchers welcomed.
(?) after a name implies difficulty in reading signature.
Initials only, indicates an immediate family member.
Italics = matching dates of visit.
Visitors for 1939

Page 1/3 - 1939

Jacqueline Huxley (child) 4/1
I.F.C.A. 4/1
Jane Greig 10/2
Dick Haddon (? Hannan) 10/2
John T. Bett (?) 13/2
. Henry Tucker (? y ) 25/2
. Rosemary (? L ?) Davis 25/2
Harry Price 3/3
Marjorie Freeman 4/3
Wanks Cooper 6/3
Joyce Cazalet 7/3
Walter S. Chamberlain 21/3
Charles McGrigor 22-24/3
O. C. A. Slocock 5/4
Marjorie Freeman 18/4
(?) I or P. or J. Fairfield (?) 16/5
Page 2/3 - 1939
Jane Greig 27/5
John Lylee (?) Tyler (?) 25/5
Marjorie Freeman 29/5
Alick Lawrence 3/6
R. Workman 10/6
Frank Cooper 13/6
Marjorie Freeman 15/6
O. C. A. Slocock 21/6
R. S. Burgess (?) 28/6
Robert Workman 1/7
O.C.A.S. July 8th (pencilled in)
Jane Greig 8/7
Patricia Purdey 15/7
J. R. Fradgley 22/7
I or P. Fairfield 23/7
? N Mac (?) May ? H Mid (?) gil (?) 24/7
Lizzie Elenhuis (?) 5/8
E. M. W. 31/7 - 8/8
Joan Scott 7/8

Page 3/3 - 1939

Jane Greig 9/8 (pencil marking "Tring 39" in top corner)
Brian Plunket 19/8
John Bett (?) 25/8
Jane Greig 1/9 and 25/9 (pencil notes added)
The outbreak of World War II

Marjorie Freeman 2/10 (left 10/6/40 noted)
John T. Bett (?) 29/10
Charles McGrigor 31/10 - 1/11
J. E. K. W. (pencilled in) 3/11
Elizabeth Luterell (?) 11/11
. Ruth Birley 15/12
. O. C. A. Slocock 16/12

1940 entries start on this same page ...

A January photo?  Babs Anstruther and Jean Anstruther (right) with guests 1940
Click on this image for further information
. Renée Baldwin Raper 12-15/1 (pictured left)
Corinne Baldwin Raper 12-15/1 (pictured foreground)
. Magnus Geddes 12-15/1
Jane Greig 19/1
Jane (G.) Buckland 22/1
Patricia Purdey 23/2
Marjorie Freeman1939 Notes

Rosemary (? L ?) Davis 25/2 - Middle name ?? - as Rosemary Davis, signed the Savoy Hotel menu 1937. (See previous page, 1937/8.)

Joyce Cazalet 7/3 - ?? the niece of Althea Gyles - who was the daughter of George Gyles and Alithea Emma Grey, daughter of Edward Grey, Bishop of Hereford. Althea Gyles' sister was Mrs Lane Barrington and the latter's daughter became Mrs Joyce Cazalet. ? (Althea Gyles was associated with Eleanor Farjeon et al. and with The Golden Dawn.)

Marjorie Freeman 18/4 - became Godmother to Douglas and Babs Anstruther's granddaughter.

J. R. Fradgley 22/7 - possibly Lt. J.R. Fradgley, R.N.V.R. of HMS Bredon - ASW Trawler of the Hill Class (T 223) - sunk on active service 8/2/1943 off the Cape Verde Islands by U-521 (8/21943) commanded by Klaus Bargsten. U-521 was itself sunk in May. Klaus Bargsten, a highly decorated officer, was the sole survivor. He was rescued and taken prisoner. He died in the year 2000, aged 88.

Brian Plunket 19/8 - Probably the writer of a descriptive and interesting letter (dated September 1940) to Douglas Anstruther in which is described his experiences in France at the time of Dunkirk.

B. P., the writer, crossed to England from Cherbourg "about four or five days after Dunkirk".

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Visitors for 1940
Renée Baldwin Raper (see above)
Corinne Baldwin Raper (see above)
Magnus Geddes (see above)
Jane Greig (see above)
Jane Buckland (see above)
Patricia Purdey (see above)
I remember, I remember,
The house beside the green,
The long, low latticed windows,
Where the elm trees were seen.
I remember, I remember
The slanting russet tiles,
The crooked roof of strange design,
The chimneys in their piles.
I remember, I remember,
The prints upon the walls,
The hunting crops beside the door,
The horses in their stalls.
I'll remember, I'll remember,
Though fifty years should part,
For in that old wonder garden
Lies a portion of my heart.

Writer shown only as H. A. M.

The adjacent poem (typed) is pasted to the facing page for this section.

Page 1/2 - 1940

Phyllis Buckland 28/2
Sir Charles MacGrigor 9/3 (pencilled)
Corinne Baldwin Raper 22/3
Renée Baldwin Raper 22/3
Magnus Geddes 22/3
(They seem to have returned in April) 2/4
Vera Wootten 2/5
Phyllis Buckland 31/5
Magnus Geddes 22/5
Magnus Geddes 15/6
V S (pencilled) ? Violet Sav ? y
R.S. Burgess 19/7
Philip Anstruther 15/8
Magnus Geddes 21/8
Peter Barrows Workman 15/8 (dates as written)
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Page 2/2 - 1940

Magnus Geddes 13-14/10
O.C.A. Slocock 14/10
Charles MacGrigor 31/10
Esmé Wailes 31/10
Sylvia Gibsone 1/11
Christian H. Fraser Tyler 8/11
Prue Wootten 9/11
Patricia Purdey 30/11
Honor Bucknall 19/12
Timothy Bucknall 19/12
Mary Anstruther 24/12
Philip Anstruther 24/12
Val Were 24/12
Prue Wootten (undated)
1940 Notes

Kenneth de Courcy - The signature stands up to comparison with that found on official documents of the era.

" ... In 1934 de Courcy became secretary of the Imperial Policy Group, which favoured appeasement as the best means of preserving the Empire.

In this capacity he travelled the Continent in the years before Munich, being received by Mussolini and Eduard Benes, president of Czechoslovakia. Neville Chamberlain regularly asked for de Courcy's reports of these interviews, much to the annoyance of the Foreign Office.

In 1938 de Courcy began to write and publish Intelligence Digest, a private subscription newsletter that served as a platform for his well-informed, if defeatist, analysis of the drift to war.

After the war de Courcy continued for 30 years to publish Intelligence Digest and The Weekly Review ... " (extracted from his obituary, Weekly Telegraph, 1999)

LDV at Greyfriars May 1940 Image 1 Photograph taken by Douglas Anstruther, The Observer Corps Post, Markyate - at night. January.
LDV at Greyfriars May 1940 Image 1 Muster of the LDV at Greyfriars May 1940 (Images 1) - photographed by Marjorie Freeman.
LDV at Greyfriars May 1940 Image 2 Muster of the LDV at Greyfriars May 1940 (Images 2) -photographed by Marjorie Freeman.
Homeguard Standing Orders September 1940 Standing Orders for 26th Coy. H. Home Guard Redbourn - September 1940 - Night Operation Orders.
Wartime letter (December 1940) Douglas Anstruther to his sister (Joyce Anstruther) - Jan Struther - in America.

"All the civil defence services, A.R.P., etc. have been wonderful - typically British, voluntary, jumbled, ill-organised, ill-equipped, and yet when the time comes for them to be wanted, practical, efficient and extemporising over their shortcomings. The A.F.S., from being the butt of the Londoners' wit and jeers are now the heroes of the day. They say London would not still be in existence but for their work. "

Peter Barrows Workman - (?) Year 2000 - retired Master Sgt. USAF (?)

Mary Anstruther / Philip Anstruther and Val Were - Philip Noel Anstruther D.S.O. (1916) M.C. (1891-1960). Skipper, Admiralty Ferry Service (1943-1944). He married secondly (1937) Mrs. Mary Were, daughter of Edwin Edwards of Matamata, N.Z. (Marriage dissolved 1951). Val was Mary's son.

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