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Greyfriars, Redbourn, Hertfordshire
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At Easter in 1941, when Jean Anstruther was 13 years old, she attended a Pioneer Corps dinner. On the reverse of her souvenir menu - in later, adult hand, she reflected thus: 'Dance held near Dunmow - went with Philip, [Anstruther] Mary [Anstruther] and Val [Were]. We were guests of honour - quite good fun except that Val trod on my toes the whole time, not so good as I had to dance with him most of the evening! My toes the next morning weren't worth talking about!" (Click on the image for Jean Anstruther's biography.)

Visitors for 1941
1941 Notes

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Willie Gould

Visitors for 1942

1942 Notes

Judith Listowel - Judith, Countess Listowel, best known for her work "A Habsburg Tragedy" (1978) - one of several books treating on the mysteries, conflicts and politics surrounding the demise of the Habsburgs. Her first book "This I Have Seen" was published by Faber in 1943. She was a journalist and staunch anti-communist, later campaigning against the Hungarian and Soviet governments of the day.

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Visitors for 1943
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Visitors for 1946
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