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Redbourn, Hertfordshire
Maurice Cowan (contemporary pencilling) - Film Director/Producer
Maurice Cowan- 25/3/47

Film Director and Producer "Trouble In Store" (1953) et al. - also a writer.

Larry Hogben - see below ...
Larry Hogben - 30/4/47 + 16/8/47 +1/9/47 +17/2/48 + 29/6/48

John R. Borchert (of America) wrote of him (qv section - Writings > The War Years) - edited in this page -

Larry Hogben (pronounced "HO-ben") was a New Zealander who had come to Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar in mathematics and had been marooned in Britain when the war erupted. [He] and his wife, Elaine, lived with their two small children in a comfortable two-storey brick house in Hampstead Gardens Suburb, on the edge of London. {He] was especially interesting for his knowledge of meterological work from the British viewpoint ...

It is assumed that Larry Hogben and Irving P. Crick (qv Crick entry details - use back links to the start of this section of The Anstruther Guest Book) and John Borchert would have collaborated on the D-Day weather project. Crick was later to create his own private enterprise which was, apparently, not too popular with the establishment.

Larry joined International Chemical Industries--the colossal British equivalent of Dupont--after the war and became an executive. [He] was honored by the British government, with Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher personally presenting his award, during the D-Day 50th anniversary.

Jean Dawnay - see below ...
Jean Dawnay - 12/8/47

"Jean Dawnay (later to be Princess George Galitzine) had the upper half of her face coated with boiling tar and bitumen in a road-side accident as a four year old. Fearing permanent damage to the exposed wound Jean was taken to Gillies's practice in Harley Street to be treated.

The operation was a complete success, featured in Lancet, and, in an script redolent of a Hollywood melodrama, Jean would go on to become a leading  model for Christian Dior, Jacques Fath and marry a Russian prince. "Nothing would have happened you see", she recollects, "without Gillies and McIndoe"." (adjacent image adapted from link site).

Sourced from the Internet

Source 1 - Pr Georgi, *Tiflis 20.4.1916, +London 31.3.1992; 1m: London 1943 (div 1954) Bss Anne Marie von Slatin (*Vienna 12.11.1916), a dau.of Sir Rudolph von Slatin Pasha; 2m: Rome 5.5.1963 Jean Dawnay (*Brighton 22.3.1925)

Source 2a - "Princess Catherine (Katya) Galitzine (daughter of Prince George Galitzine (himself the son of Prince Wladimir Galitzine and of his wife, Countess Catherine von Carlow (herself the daughter of Duke Georg Alexander of Mecklenburg) and of his second wife, née Jean Dawnay) married Nicholas A. G. Laing at St.Nicholas Cathedral, St Petersburg on 21 July. (2002)

Source 2b - "Nicholas Laing and his wife, Princess Catherine Galitzine (daughter of Prince George Galitzine and of his second wife, née Jean Dawnay) had their first child, George Augustus Grant, on 19 August. " (2004)

R. D. S. Drew-Smythe (Part 1) 1st marriage  -
Captain Richard David Somerset Drew-Smythe - 28/8/47

His first recorded visit to Greyfriars was on 13th April 1947. He had met Jean Anstruther in Edinburgh when he reassumed his veterinary training which had been interrupted or postponed by the outbreak of war. He visited again on 11th July 1947. On the visit illustrated, they became engaged. The wedding took place in September 1949. For a biography of Capt. R.D.S. Drew-Smythe, click on the signature image.

Live not in the past, look instead towards the future,
But in order to know where we are going
It is well to look back to see where we have been.
(trans. Maori proverb)
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