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The Anstruther family has been ranked highly among the Barons of Scotland for some eight centuries. The Scottish King, Alexander I, granted the lands of Anstruther in Fife to William de Candela.

It is known that in the year 1100, William de Candela was Lord of Anstruther. At that time it was customary for nobles to adopt their surnames from their lands; but it was rare to find a Scottish Baron who possessed a family name as well as his territorial designation. One of the few who had this distinction was William, Lord of Anstruther.

Various origins have been attributed to him but he is probably descended from the Normans in Italy. William the Conqueror sought help from them and it is known that William, Count of Apulia, sent a son. Thus William de Candela had already a noble name and in 1100, he was one of the most powerful Barons in Fife.