William Anstruther-Gray (1859 - 1938)
assumed the second surname Gray on succeeding to the estates of his maternal grandfather. See Note 1 below.

C.C., D.L. and J.P. (Fife) D.L. and J.P. (Lanarkshire and Glasgow) F.S.A., F.R.G.S., Member of Parliament for St. Andrew's Burghs 1906 - 1910 and again 1910 - 1918. T.A.R., Major Scottish Horse, formerly Major Royal Horse Guards; A.D.C. to Governor of South Australia (1889 - 1891).

He married (1891) Clayre Jessie Tennant, daughter of Andrew Tennant of Essenside, Glenelg, South Australia.

William John St. Clair Anstruther-Gray (Sir) M.C. (1943) - Baronet 1956 (Kilmany) and Life Peer 1966.
Politician. b. 1905 d. 1985
Diana Anstruther-Gray
married James Macnab
Their son - James (Jamie) Macnab
married Jane (née)
Children - 2
Jane Caroline Anstruther-Gray
married George Anthony Weir
William John Weir
Edward Kenneth Weir
Belinda Jane Weir
Ruth Mary St. Clair Anstruther-Gray - d. 1916. Jean Helen St. Clair Anstruther-Gray - She was C.C. of the Girl Guides Movement from 1949 to 1956. She died in 1956. C.B.E (1954).

She married (1923) Alastair, 4th Baron Stratheden and Campbell.

1. Moyra Jean,1924
2. Clayre, 1927
3. Fiona, 1932

Note 1.

The Anstruther Guest Book

1901 - 1955

The Anstruther Guest Book began under 'Harry' Torrens Anstruther and his wife, Eva Hanbury-Tracy, in the year their second child, Joyce (Jan Struther) was born. Their address was: ' "The Cottage", Temple Dinsley, near Hitchin. Herts.'


It appears there are some sources that spell the second surname with an "e" as opposed to the correct form with an "a". In the same manner, some sources omit the hyphen.

In order to clarify - as it may be observed (left), on May 29th, 1905, William Anstruther-Gray used the hyphen and the second surname contains the letter "a". Clayre (Tennant) Anstruther-Gray has also signed the Anstruther Guest Book in similar fashion.

The Anstruther Guest Book may be viewed and annotated references explored. It is a work in progress and is updated regularly.

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