Maternal Grandparents Anstruther / Wormald
Wormald family and cousin branchesEvelyn Mabel (Babs)
née Wormald
Born 1901
Married 1925
Died 1981
AnstrutherMajor Douglas Tollemache
The Hastiings Trail
Born 1893
1st marriage 1914
2nd marriage 1925
Died 1956
Their daughter
Jean Dionis Anstruther
Greyfriars - Redbourn. Long-time home of Douglas and Babs Anstruther. Their long-time home
Greyfriars, Redbourn
Holiday in Cornwall - late 1920s Late 1920s - a Cornish Holiday
Babs with Wormald family (currently) unknown.
One month in Denmark - October 1938 Denmark 1938 - a one month visit recalled in diary form with names of people met and observations from Copenhagen and Odense.

In 1928, some horoscopes were prepared for family members, including Bab's new-born daughter, Jean.1928 Horoscopes ... The preparer is unknown. The "Natives" are not named in two of the three readings but there are clues enough for research ...

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Douglas Anstruther - writer

Wartime letter (December 1940) to his sister, Jan Struther, in New York

Family details
The Children of
Douglas Anstruther

The Anstruther family in France

In 1937, in need of convalescence after a prolonged illness - believed to have been a mixture of severe influenza and nervous exhaustion - Babs was encouraged by her doctors, and Douglas, to take a holiday in the sun.

She chose Egypt, having the opportunity to do so courtesy of family attached to British interests there. She sailed on 12th November 1937 having dined with family and friends at the Savoy in London the night before.

The menu card is preserved and shown complete with signatures of the guests on that occasion. Some were family; many of them had also been, or would be, guests at Greyfriars and enter their names in the Anstruther Guest Book.