Maternal Great Grandparents Anstruther / Hanbury-Tracy

Hanbury-TracyThe Hastiings TrailThe Hon. Eva Isabella Henrietta Anstruther (D.B.E.)
née Hanbury-Tracy
(Dame Eva) - Born 1869
Died 1935
Notes about The Anstruther Guest Book and Dame Eva
Pan's Garden -
Dame Eva 1912 and after ...

Original Source Material The Scratch Society - Original Source Material. Writing by Eva Hanbury-Tracy between the ages of 14 and 17.

The Bonnie Laird by Eva Anstruther Short Story "The Bonnet Laird" (1894) publication (Temple Bar) transaction record.
Text of Short Story - "Ebb and Flow" 1894 Short Story "Ebb and Flow" (published Harpers New Monthy U.S.A. - 1894) Full text.
AnstrutherHenry Torrens Anstruther
Born 1860
Married 1889
Died 1926
His daughter, Joyce (Jan Struther) wites about him ... His daughter, Joyce (Jan Struther) writes about him ...

Anstruther home - "The Old Court House" Whitchurch, Bucks Anstruther home - "The Old Court House" - Whitchurch, Bucks

The Anstruther Guest Book
The Anstruther Hertfordshire Guest Book
- a fascinating glimpse into an Edwardian social life -

1928 Horoscopes ...In 1928, some horoscopes were prepared for family members, including Dame Eva's new-born grand daughter, Jean.

The preparer is unknown. The "Natives" are not named in two of the three readings but there are clues enough for research ... Click on the image to fiind transcripts of these documents.

The Story of a Lady's Maid ...

Clara Taylor was Dame Eva's Lady's Maid between 1907 and 1914 but retained an association with the family long after that. For an account of the family - its lifestyle and relationships - click on the small image below. Clara Taylor, Lady's Maid, reminiscences.

In 1948, she was invited to write her reminiscences of those days in service. Remarkably, a typescript copy of her reflections has survived and is reproduced by kind permission of Dame Eva's grandson, Robert Maxtone Graham. Clara Taylor writes candidly and clearly about the kind of life she led and about the relationships between Dame Eva and her two children and between Dame Eva and her husband.

Clara was also part of the move to Pan's Garden and even had a hand in helping to decorate the dining room walls! She was later to work alongside Dame Eva in London during the First World War as part of the administration section of the Camps Library - a service that provided books for the troops fighting in France.

Douglas & Goatcart c.1898 (with Governess) and Douglas c.1899