Maternal Great Great Grandparents Anstruther / Marshall

Louisa Maria Chowne Marshall (d. 1913) -
Daughter of the Reverend William Knox Marshall B.D., Prebendary of Hereford.


1. Sir Ralph William Anstruther, 6th Bt.
> Sir Ralph Anstruther 7th Bt. d. 2002
s. by Sir Ian Fife Campbell Anstruther
(grandson of 3 below) 8th Bt.
2. Mary Evelyn Anstruther
3. Henry (Harry) Torrens Anstruther
4. Rear Admiral Robert Hamilton Anstruther, C.M.G.
5. Arthur Wellesley Anstruther
Family, branches and descendants
Full details of Children
AnstrutherSir Robert Anstruther (5th Bt.)
b.1834 m.1857 d.1886
Lt. Colonel Grenadier Guards;
H.M. Lieutenant of Fife;
M.P (Fife) 1864 - 1880
and for St. Andrew's Burghs