Carmichael Anstruther & the Anstruthers
Main Carmichael line charted from the site of
Carmichael of Carmichael
Carmichael Church - some Anstruther/Carmichael Memorials
John de Carmichael (ABT 1292)
his son
William Carmichael of Ponfeigh (parish of Carmichael) (living in 1350)
his son
John Carmichael of Carmichael (1st Baron Charter lands 1370)
his brother
William Carmichael of Carmichael (2nd Baron land charter confirmed 1414) - his son
Sir John Carmichael of Carmichael (3rd Baron. Hero of Bauge. Bishop of Orleans d.1436) - married Lady Mary Douglas, a daughter of George Earl ol Angus.
his first son
William Carmichael of Carmichael
(4th Baron)
his son
his second son
John C of Meadowflatt
(Evelyn George C. of C. (29th chief) d.1965)
his third son
Robert Carmichael (obtained Balmedie)
(line extinct 1638)
John Carmichael of Carmichael (5th Baron) died 1506
his son
William Carmichael of Carmichael (6th Baron) Charters of lands from James IV in 1507. Died in 1530.
his first son
William Carmichael (7th Baron)
his son
John Carmichael (8th Baron)
- married Elizabeth, daughter of Hugh Lord Somerville - d1570
his son
John Carmichael (9th Baron)
married Margaret, daughter of Sir David Douglas of Pittendreich, sister of David Earl of Angus and James Earl of Morton, regent of Scotland - d1600
his son
Hugh Carmichael (10th Baron)
his son
John Carmichael (11th Baron)
Lord Carmichael of Carmichael
(line extinct 1648)
his second son
Walter of Hyndford & Park
his son
Gavin of Hyndford
his son
James Carmichael of Hyndford
his son
Walter Carmichael of Hyndford (m Grizel C. (Meadowflatt) d1616
his son
Sir James Carmichael 1st
succeeded his cousin. Died 1672 (12th Baron)
his grandson
John Carmichael 1st Earl of Hyndford 2nd Lord Carmichael
his son
James Carmichael 2nd Earl of Hyndford (14th Baron)
his eldest daughter served heiress
Lady Margaret Carmichael married Sir John Anstruther of that Ilk 1717 §
their son
Sir John Anstruther of that Ilk (b. 1718 d. 1799) (Married Janet Fall) §§
his son
Sir John Anstruther of that Ilk (b.1753 d. 1811) (Married Maria Isabella Brice) §§§
his son
Windham Carmichael AnstrutherSir Windham Carmichael Anstruther (b.1793 d.1869) (21st Bt.) Married (1) Anne Constance Grey - Son Windham George Conway Carmichael Anstruther (8th/5th Bt.) Married (2) 1824 Meredith Maria Wetherell - (d.1841) - Children i Mariana Constance Carmichael Anstruther (d.1883) - ii Marion Alice Carmichael Anstruther (married name Roger) - iii Windham Charles James Carmichael Anstruther (Bt.) - Married (3) 1859 Mary Ann Parsons. See Notes below.
Sir Windham George Conway Carmichael Anstruther (b.1846 d.1898)
Married Ellen Anne Katherine Adam
The ChiefRichard Carmichael of Carmichael
(Great great grandson of Sir Windham George Conway Carmichael Anstruther)
26th Baron, 30th Chief - b1948.
Barony 1980. Chief 1981.
Claims family titles:-
Earl of Hyndford
Lord Carmichael of Carmichael.

The Anstruthers and the Carmichaels - two Chiefs, one resolution:

" ... in 1980 Ralph and I agreed that I would relinquish claims to Anstruther family chiefship and reunite the Carmichael name with its lands and he would be free to claim chiefship of the name Anstruther as the senior heir of the Balcaskie cadet branch ..." (For more detail of Richard Carmichael's obituary on Sir Ralph Anstruther who died in May 2002, click here.)

Notes - researched and edited courtesy of information originally supplied by John Boon, England.

1 - Dame Mary Ann Carmichael Anstruther (née Parsons) of 23 de Vere Gardens, Kensington, London, died on December 31st, 1905. She was married to Sir Windham Carmichael Anstruther for almost a decade before he died and survived him by some thirty five years. She never re-married and she left a detailed Will - dated 24th April 1903 - with added Codicil, dated 10th November 1905. The Will was construed under the Laws of Scotland.

The Executors of the Will were John Wilson, (King's Counsel and Sheriff of Caithness, Orkney and Shetland) and Phineas Bell Brander, Solicitor of Edinburgh. Witnesses to the Will were George Potter, clerk, of 9 Balfour Mews, Park Lane, Mayfair, London and Arthur Henry Stokes, clerk, of 14 Courtnell Street, Bayswater, London. Witnesses to the Codicil were Charles Ewart, medical practitioner, of 48 Queen's Gate Terrace, London and Lucy Willsher, Maid Servant to Lady Lovat, also of 23 de Vere Gardens, Kensington, London. The full text is available from The National Archives of Scotland. The hand-written copy document there is transcribed as 'Trust Settlement' (pp 533 - 546) and is dated 24th January 1906.

Under the terms of her Will, a number of immediate step- family bequests were made, with extreme care being taken to safeguard the right of female inheritance as being absolute. (" ... as far as devolving upon females shall be paid to them on their own receipt and discharged without the consent or concurrence of husbands and shall be exclusive of the marital right of administration and every other right whatever of husbands ...") The residue was left to the Scottish Branch of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children and to the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

2 - For some years prior to her death, she had employed a Butler and a Lady's Maid. The Butler's name was Henry Davis. Whilst in service at the house, he had married the Lady's Maid, Amy Elizabeth Curtis. They continued to live in the house and to serve Dame Mary Ann until she died. At least one of their daughters was born at the house and lived there with her parents. She carried the third name of "Mary" - possibly as a tribute to their employer. (Family portrait courtesy of John Boon.)

On the Dame's instructions by her Will, the Davis/Curtis family received several items of furniture and linen as well as a cash legacy. With a portion of it, they bought a town house for their new family home. It was (and still is) called "Carmichael" - in Minster Road, Westgate-on-Sea, Kent. Amy Curtis's father was a Master Mariner and was Captain of a 3-masted private yacht. The Curtis family lived in Suffolk. For a recent photograph of 23 de Vere Gardens and more details of the Davis/Curtis families in question, visit this link.

Photographs of "Carmichael" - courtesy of and © John Boon 2001