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Writing in 1944, Douglas Anstruther annotates the French branch of the Anstruther family:

"The present man, if he is alive, appears to be descended from Maire Germain Gonzaloc, Baron d'Anstrude, born 1856, retired Cavalry officer, died c. 1938.

Married 1917- Georgina Jeanne Victoria Forgue. One son, Olivier Gonzaloc Georges d'Anstrude, born November 1918.

The address is Chateau d'Anstrude (built in 1710) in the village of Les Belles Fontaines in the Duchy of Burgoyne. [Bourgogne]

The name first appears in the nominal roll of the King's (French) Scots Guards, 1560, François the First."

Andrew Anstruther in 1483 obtained confirmation of the Barony and was among the Scottish nobles who fought at Flodden in 1513. His younger son David Anstruther served with the Garde Ecossaise of France and his descendants are the barons of Anstrude of the seigniory of Barry.