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Parish School for Witham, Lincolnshire - the 1860 Appeal Document ...
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The following image was generously provided by Susan Tollemache and her brother, Peter Tollemache. Susan writes: "In 1860, the Reverend Ralph W. L. Tollemache-Tollmache M.A. J.P, Rector of South Witham, near Grantham in Lincolnshire, sent out a printed form requesting a contribution of 1/- to finance the building of a school in the parish."

"The Appeal is touching - but a "Rector" ought to be able to build his own schools."
"If the applicant had been a Curate or Vicar he should have had a whole shilling or more."

One Shilling for a School

X Learn worldly wisdom & write Incumbent. X
(From Hon'ble. G. M. Littleton -)
There were, of course, many complimentary replies from those wishing they could do more than just enclose their donations. This particular letter (seal and watermark shown below) came in "late" and was addressed from the Foreign Office, dated December 31st 1860. Graset - alas poor Grasett - is currently unknown.Dear Tollemache

I'm happy to inclose the shilling you wish for. Excuse this delay, for I am just returned from my wedding-trip abroad, & find myself much worn with domestic cares, & so regret having so long overlooked yr. necessities. I suppose Grasett is now at his sister's at Brighton. He seems in good spirits - tho' his prospects are unhappily so little removed from nil. My wife begs to add her shilling. You write for me to "return all inclosures" - I believe there was only the one, I return, after searching my pocketbook, and "a penny stamp" - which I also add.

Believe me
vy. truly yrs.believed to be from Herbert C. Hunt

Foreign Office S.W. Dec. 31/60.

A happy new year to you & yr. family.
Don't trouble yrself to answer this if inconvenient

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