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Joseph Bell - apprenticed to John Jullion in 1771.
Angus Bell (to whom gratitude is extended for this information) writes:- "I was interested to see that among the ancestors recorded on your site is one John Jullion, clockmaker, of New Brentford. Joseph Bell was my great, great, great, great-grandfather; he was apprenticed to John Jullion in 1771.

Joseph Bell was born on 24th July 1757 in south Yorkshire/north Nottinghamshire. At the time of Joseph's birth his father, also Joseph, was a gardener at Serlby Hall in Nottinghamshire but he later moved to take up employment at the Royal Palace in Kew. Joseph junior was apprenticed in the art of watchmaking to John Jullion & Son in 1771. On completion of his apprenticeship he went to work for the eminent watchmaker, Thomas Mudge in Fleet Street, London. Joseph married Ruth Jennison at Twickenham in 1783 and subsequently set up business in Yorkshire, first in Bawtry and then in Doncaster. Although Joseph had several sons who were apprenticed in watchmaking, only one - James - continued the business in Doncaster. Through the following generations, several of James' sons joined the business - which became known as Bell Brothers. Bell Bros. exists to this day in Doncaster but now as a jeweller rather than as a watch/clock making business.

Coincidentally, I visited Raffety & Walwyn's shop in London [May 2002] with the specific purpose of viewing a Jullion longcase clock I had seen advertised on the web - the same one as depicted on the site. This is the third Jullion longcase I have come across in the last two years."