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Grateful thanks are extended to Paul Cloutman (UK) for information provided.

Cloutman Name

Cloutman - the name (possible derivation)
From "A Dictionary of British Surnames" by P.H. Reaney - published by Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1958.
Enial Clut
Walter Clut
1175 - Pipe Roll- Hereford
1207 - Pipe Rolls - Gloucester

Old English 'clu~t' = "patch" (of cloth) patcher, cobbler, etc. (see CLOUTER)


Adam (le) Clutere

Robert (le) Clutere

Adam Clouter

1286 - (Middle English Surnames of Occupation (M.Lovenbenbrg - Lund 1935) Norfolk.

1301 - Letter Books of the City of London. Cambridgeshire.

1307 - Court Rolls of the Manor of Wakefield. Yorkshire Archive Society - R. S. 29, 36, 57, 78.

A derivative of Old English 'clu~t'

c.f. Robert le Cloutkeruer

1327 - Pinchbeck Register, ed. Lord Francis Hervey, 1925 - Suffolk "patch-cutter".

Also possible, but less likely, Old French - "cloutier" - nail-smith"


William Cloutyng

William Clowting

John Cloughting

John Cloutings, Henry Clouton

& Thomas Clouten -


1327 - Subsidy Rolls - Suffolk

1524 - Subsidy Rolls - Suffolk

1568 - Subsidy Rolls - Suffolk

All appearing in 1674

Suffolk Hearth Tax Returns

Middle English: "clouting" - the action of patching, mending etc. 1382. New English Dictionary. Synonymous with Clouter.

CLOUTMAN - an alternative for CLOUTER

Paul Cloutman writes:

  • Considering our Devon connections as seen in the tree (qv) our branch could well have come out of Gloucester, spreading west, so Walter Clut of 1207 seems a likely ancestor; especially since Walter is one of the 'family' names, along with Thomas, Henry and William.

  • 'Clut-man' = cloth man (could have been tailor/Taylor). Think of the old proverb 'Ne'er cast a clout 'til May be out.' - means - don't take off any articles of winter clothing until the May blossom (not the month) of the hawthorn is out.

  • Mention of a Mrs. Cloutman in Anya Seton's novel 'The Hearth and the Eagle' set in Marblehead, Essex County, Massachusetts USA - there are many Cloutmans in USA - and are related. The book is about the exodus of a family from West Country UK.

  • Cloutman's Lane near Croyde Bay, Woolacombe, Devon (UK) (re-named thus by the local Council in the not too distant past). There is said to be a Cloutman Farm near there, too.