Curtoys 1645-(2002)
Compiled over time and 'completed' in 2002 by Judy Jerkins of Australia. Inspired by the material of W. Frank D. Curtoys 1860-1941, Curtoys family members, Smythe family and 'many kind strangers world-wide' who shared their resources and knowledge of history.

"I have discovered far more than I could ever have imagined, made the most wonderful friendships with cousins I never knew I had, learnt that my surname is a fake, shared frustration and excitement with fantastic strangers, created one tree linking Australia, UK and USA, found the living for almost all lines of the family and would not have missed the ride for ‘quids’." JJ.

Note 2004 ... and somehow, the journey still continues! But that is a story for another day. Click here for the latest information. (2005)

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Judy writes ... "To all who have contributed - I want to say thank you for enabling me to finish this project. To say locating information relative to this family tree has been complicated is an understatement - it has been enormously complicated, mostly because Curtoys ancestors travelled all over the world, not just from village to village.  Many, many kind strangers, from all parts of the globe have had a hand in uncovering pieces of the puzzles and we have each enjoyed the history lessons learnt.  These wonderful strangers often became just as curious as I - together we have revealed a family of ‘preachers, teachers and men of the sea’, with impeccable credentials and prestigious connections.
I know it is not totally finished, but I hope there is enough information here for somebody from within the family to take on the challenge to find the missing few.  I am sad that I didn’t find a link with my Courtoy family, but found your ancestors just as fascinating and just perhaps the next person may uncover a missing clue.
I am still curious about descendants of John Curtoys, christened St Martins 1704 – it is possible that this may be where my Courtoy family comes into the tree, but…… I have tried and cannot find anything.  Maybe John was a sailor like his brother George?  In which case he could have gone anywhere and done many things …
I think the thought of how this tree came about is as amazing as the end result.  When I began, I did not expect a Pandora’s box full of wonderful riddles and puzzles, but having taken off the lid I have been delighted to find lots of wonderful clues and lots of living cousins. I have been really grateful for their friendship and assistance and hope that I have enabled cousins to think about cousins, and who knows, perhaps one day we might actually get to meet one another and enjoy a laugh.
I know we would not have been able to achieve half of what we have done without the notes and information put down on paper by W. Frank D Curtoys.  I hope that by including his research each of us will enjoy an extra relationship with a 'grandfather' beyond the grave.  I wish he had been here to read this himself and I suspect he would be just as tickled with the results as I am. 
I feel as if I got to know him too as I dogged his footsteps at Cambridge and shared the same clues and discoveries.  Each piece of the puzzle has been worth the chase. Importantly my thanks go to Suzanne Lyons and her family, for without their respect for  Frank’s documents and their willingness to share with me, a stranger from Australia, none of this would have eventuated.Access Judy Jerkins'  CURTOYS Pages
I have some inklings on the missing family members so at the end of this document I will write down what I know, or suspect in order to help the ‘next researcher’ unravel the pieces and complete the puzzle.
Frank Curtoys and ‘another researcher whose identity I don’t know, but whose handwriting is here for identification’, included the names and dates of John #2075 and William #2077 but despite my efforts I have been unable to find any record of them for the dates given, in any of the archives, notes, fiche etc. I have been able to access.  I do not doubt the information, I have limited resources available, but I suspect more names need to be added.  I doubt very much that John was an only child, I doubt very much that William was an only child.  If my suspicions are correct this family tree is only a small part, a single branch of a much greater tree.  Hopefully somebody else will take on the hunt.  At least I have managed to get this far."
Judy Jerkins - May 2002