CURTOYS 1645-2002
Researched and compiled by Judy Jerkins
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Please don’t be confused - the #number is the number for that person in my data base, and is in order of being ‘found’ rather than belonging to any particular place on the tree. The tree is in generations.  The number alongside the name ie:  2.   William indicates there is more on the descendants of William.  Look for 2 in the left hand margin and it will refer to him.
JJ: 2002
First Generation

John CURTOY #2075 born 1645, ref WFC ", married ?, ? #2076.  John died 1685.   ref WFC


                2.          i        William CURTOYS#2077 born 1670.


Second Generation
2.         William CURTOYS #2077 (1.John1) born 1670, occupation School master, married 1703, in St Martin in the Fields, London, Ann SPICER (alias HELDER) #2078.  William died 1752.  occupation to be confirmed, source Venns "Alumni Cantabridienses", Cambridge Uni Alumni" (Site Editor's Note - SPICER family is also connected to JULLION family of this site.)


                3.          i        Wells CURTIS #2154.
(Site Editor's Note - NB - see Curtis/Curtoys theory in relation to Smythe/Curtoys?Curtis/Cloutman and Jullion family links of this site.)

                             ii       Elizabeth CURTOYS #2140  5.8.1705, St Martin in the Field, Westminster Lond, ref: IGI C001455.

                             iii      Mary CURTOYS#2141  16.10.1707, St Mary in the Fields, Westminster, Lond, ref: IGI.

                             iv      William CURTOYS #2142  12.10.1708, St Martin in the Field, Westminster, Lon, ref: IGI.

                             v       Edith CURTOYS#2143  11.11.1711, married 1732, in St Katherines by the Tower, Henry WEBSTER #2153.

                4.          vi      George CURTOYS #2144.

                             vii     John CURTOYS #2145  13.5.1704, St Martin in the Field, London, ref: IGI C001455. 

                                   Possibly married Ann SUTER 29.12.1724 at St Edmunds, Salisbury 7425610 film IGI and/or Mary Mulliner (MOLYNEAUX?) at St Katherines by the Tower 24.8.1737

                5.          viii    Charles CURTOYS#2079 born 31.5.1710.


Third Generation

3.         Wells CURTIS #2154 (2.William2, 1.John1)  19.8.1706, St Martin in the Field, London, ref: IGI, married 13.5.1730, in St John Smith Square Westminster, Mary MEADDOWS #2155.


                             i        Joseph CURTOYS #2156  6.8.1732. – unconfirmed but probably:

                                      Consul at Barcelona, died 4 Dec 1777.
(From 'The London Magazine, 1777, page 666'  as reported in Musgrave's Obituaries - on CD 0071 English Parish Records (General) from

                             ii       Mary CURTOYS#2157  18.11.1733, St Giles Cripplegate London, ref: C025775 IGI.

                             iii      Ann Meaddows CURTOYS#2158  11.7.1736, St Giles Cripplegate, ref: C025775 IGI.

                             iv      James Hellam CURTOYS#2159  18.5.1741, St Andrew Holborn London, ref: PO1O514.

                             v       Edith Webster COURTYCE#2160  25.8.1744, St Katherines by the Tower, ref: IGI.

                             vi      William CURTIS#2161  16.4.1735, St Giles Cripplegate, ref: IGI C025775


4.         George CURTOYS #2144 (2.William2, 1.John1)  18.7.1714, St Martins in the Field, ref: wfc/IGI, occupation sailor (WFC), married Ann ? #2147. 


                             i        Peter CURTOYS #2148  6.12.1745, St Botolph Without Aldgate, London, ref: IGI C025557.  2 potential marriages for Peter - 1. Peter CURTIS married Mary CAWTHORNE 6.10.1766 at Chatham, Kent, ref Film 456386 IGI 2. Peter COURTOIS married Jane GRUET 22.6.1778 at St. Matthew Bethnal Green M046984 - igi reference May have left England as no reference has been made to him in any of the family documentation

                             ii       Charles Churchill CURTOYS #2149  26.5.1746, St Botolph Without Aldgate London, ref: C025557, married 23.2.1807, in Old Church, St. Pancras London, Ann SHEPHERD #2152, occupation lived Essex, died after 1836.  Ann: Unsure which family of Shepherd Ann belonged to but her last Will and Testament, dated 21.4.1834 shows no children.  Her husband was already dead and her estate bequeathed to John Chittock a "much respected friend".  Her estate included 17 messuages/tenaments, freehold in Old Pye Street, Westminster.  Other surnames included   Daines (?Dawes) Thompson, Ball, Mc Intosh Guy - John Caroline and Mary Ann.  John Chittock had a daughter Harriet Mary Chittock  Executor of Will was Elizabeth Matilda Curtoys. 

                                      2 parcels of land in Old Pye Street became St. Matthews Primary School - conveyance documents were signed by Harriet Chittock.

                             iii      Ann CURTOYS #2150  5.8.1751, St Botolph Without Aldgate London, ref: igi 006337.

                                      not named in any family documentation

                             iv      Elizabeth Davis CURTOYS#2151  21.11.1752, St Botolph Without Aldgate London, ref: C006337, occupation spinster, died 1823-36.  Her will left money and property spread among members of her family and she gave not only names, but relationship.  She obviously had money as 400 Pounds was left to her niece Elizabeth Matilda Curtoys, who also inherited furniture and boxes (perhaps snuff boxes I thought).  She had Navy 4 % Bonds to draw funds from and is named as a resident of Tottenham Hale, Middlesex in her will.  She maintained contact with her brother Charles Lockyer and his wife Ann and knew where her nieces were living when her will was made out.


5.         Charles CURTOYS #2079 (2.William2, 1.John1) born 31.5.1710, ref: the tree/VENNS, occupation Rector, married 1.5.1739, in Wootton Rivers, Wiltshire,  IGI 8302532, Elizabeth HUNT #2085.  Charles died 25.3.1775, buried: Wootton Rivers.  He was the Rector of Milton Lilbourne, Witshire, educated Pembroke College Cambridge Uni, Ordained deacon (Sarum) Dec 23, 1733, Priest June 9, 1734, Rector of Wootton Rivers 1738, Reverend at Huish 1775.


                6.          i        Ann CURTOYS#2081 born 5.4.1740 Wootton Rivers, Wiltshire.

                             ii       Elizabeth CURTOYS#2129 ref: fiche, died 17.6.1745, buried: 24.6.1745, Wootton Rivers, Wiltshire.

                             iii      Charles CURTOYS#2128 died 17.6.1745, buried: 24.6.1745, Wootton Rivers, Wiltshire.

                7.          iv      Charles CURTOYS#2087 born 19.6.1750. Wootton Rivers, Wiltshire

                             v       Elizabeth Editha CURTOYS#2127 born 17.8.1760, ref: Wilt fiche.

                8.          vi      William CURTOYS#2080 born 15.2.1760 at Wootton Rivers, Wiltshire