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Memoirs of World War 1
Extracted from World War 1 Diaries - 2001 > John Dacre. Published by David Drew-Smythe.
Richard Irving Dacre was the best man at the 1914 wedding of Henry James (Jimmy) Drew Smythe R.A.M.C. - known in those days only by the second family name, 'Smythe'. They were neighbours in Bristol and although they were educated miles apart, both eventually trained as doctors in Bristol. They both enjoyed theatre, taking part in a number of productions together whilst they were medical students just before World War I. They served much of the early part of the Great War together in France as Medical Officers in the R.A.M.C.
Richard Dacre was transferred to No. 9 General Hospital at Wimereux soon after the Armistice whilst Jimmy Drew Smythe was transferred to Asiago, in Italy, just prior to the end of the war and took part in that campaign. Less than two months after the Armistice that ended the Great War, "Smythie" was sent into Bavaria as a member of the International Commission for the Repatriation of Prisoners. An account of this (Dearest Blue Eyes) may be read on this site by clicking here.
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