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Part 2 - 1850 - 1950

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Ada Maria Tollemache (28) was the daughter of The Hon. Frederick James Tollemache, M.P. and Isabella Anne Forbes (1840-1922).

She married Charles Douglas Richard Hanbury-Tracy, 4th Lord Sudeley. (Line descends from Charlemagne and also links back to King Henry I.) Image Link left

Hanbury-Tracy FamilyTheir eldest child The Hon. Eva Isabella Henrietta Hanbury-Tracy, (later, Dame Eva Anstruther) (1869-1935) (29) married (1889)

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She was the eldest child of the 4th Lord Sudeley of Toddington Manor, Gloucestershire.

Parents of Henry (Harry) Torrens AnstrutherHenry Torrens Anstruther, M.P., (1860-1926)
2nd son of 5th Bt. Sir Robert Anstruther

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The Anstruther Descent

Anstruther familyTheir son Douglas Tollemache Anstruther (30) (1893-1956) married (1914) (firstly) Enid Campbell

She was the 2nd daughter of Lord George Granville Campbell, son of the 8th Duke of Argyll, K.G., K.T. Their children ... LinkWormald Family

He married (1925) (secondly) Evelyn Mabel (Babs) Wormald, (1901-1981)

She was the youngest daughter of Sir John Wormald K.B.E. Image Links

Henry Torrens Anstruther's FamilyTheir daughter, Joyce Anstruther (1901-1953)

She was the writer, Jan Struther

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She married (1923) (firstly) Anthony James Oliphant Maxtone Graham, 16th Laird of Cultoquhey, son of James Maxtone Graham, 15th of Cultoquhey and 8th Redgorton.

Their children ...

She married (1948) (secondly) Adolf Kurt Placzek (d. 2000)
BiographyCapt. R.D.S. Drew-SmytheThe daughter and only child of Douglas Anstruther and Babs Wormald was Jean Dionis Anstruther (31) (1927-1961)

She married (1949) Richard David Somerset Drew-Smythe (1920-1987)

Richard David Somerset Drew-Smythe was the eldest son of Henry James Drew Smythe (1891-1983) and Enid Audrey Cloutman (1893-1971).

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BiograPhyles - Family Biographies
Image Link - Henry James Drew SmytheCloutman/Jullion FamilyArundell of WardourThe 'lost' family of Smythe ...Henry James Drew-Smythe hyphenated his third name, Drew, with the family name of Smythe during the early years of the 20th century. (See Drew and Smythe family histories on this site.)

The Lost Family of Smythe - 'Regi Semper Fidelis' = Always Faithful to the King (the crown). This crest is reputed to be the arms of the 'lost' family of Smythe, 'heirs of Thomas, 1st Lord Arundell of Wardour'. Inter alia, the family names of Anstruther and Hanbury-Tracy - as well as Smythe - appear in the descendant lists. For the curious - and the mildly amused - click on the Smythe crest (left). The Arundell crest (right) gives a brief overview of one particular title accorded to each and every male and female descendant of Thomas Arundell ...