The Hastings Legacy - A direct line to the present - Part 3 - Current Generations
Genealogical Source - Family Line - W = generation of descent from William Ist (The Conqueror)
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The son and the daughter of Richard David Somerset Drew-Smythe and Jean Dionis Anstruther -

Generation 32W
(32) a Ian David Drew-Smythe
married (firstly) 1968
Helen Diana Saphier
married (secondly) 1987
Lisa Natasha Brady
(32) b Janet Diana Drew-Smythe
married (firstly) 1974
Philip John Hughes
married (secondly) 1997
Robert Charles Woodward
Generation 33W
Their daughter
(33) a Catherine Wendy Drew-Smythe
married (1989) Ferguson Saunders
Their son
(33) b Mark David Drew-Smythe
(Male line, generation 1.)
Their daughter
(33) c Jessi Jean Drew-Smythe
Their daughter
(33) d Diana Marie Hughes
Their son
(33) e Nathan Robert Woodward
Generation 34W
Their daughters
(34) a Jessica Saunders
(34) b Laura Saunders
(43rd generation descendants of Egbert, King of Wessex, 802-839)
David Drew-Smythe - Ethelred the Unready

The photograph above appeared in the April 2004 issue of Your Family History - a magazine produced by Future Publications Ltd. It falls under "Case Study 1" in Charles Mosley's article "Do you have blue blood?" Charles Mosley is Editor-in-Chief of Burke's peerage, Baronetage and Knightage.


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