Paternal Great Great Great Grandparents - currently presumed - Drew / Griffiths
USA information and secondary source finding for Drew/Griffiths courtesy of Carol (Drew) McGlasson

b. 1795 - Cwmgwiddel, Radnorshire
4th child and 4th daughter
- married January 4, 1822 at St Cynllo's, Nantmel, Radnorshire
James Drew - The Farmer ('Yeoman')
of Cefnllys, Radnorshire
brother of Thomas Drew
other brothers ? John or George?
Children of the marriage
John James Drew b 1824
(He migrated to America where he was a farmer.)
James Drew b Nov. 1825 - the Hosier
Vincent Drew b Oct 1828
Michael Drew b Nov 1830
Sarah Beaumont Drew b May 1832. She married (no first name) Vaughn 1864.
(modern spelling is usually found as Vaughan)
Fortune Drew b. 1834 (Carmel Independent)
and ? Thomas Drew b. 1837 + William Drew b. 1838 went to USA with eldest brother John James Drew? In America by 1860.

NB - If John James Drew (and brothers?) went to America and James Drew ended up in London as 'Hosier' ... which son/who took over the farm? This lends some credence to the Drew attachment to the Smythe name in a later generation - anecdotally because Ada Drew, daughter of this James Drew, was 'the last of this particular Hosier Drew family line' (but in the light of recent discoveries, one would have to qualify this with - 'in Britain'.).

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