Representation of DREW arms - Presteigne Church, RadnorshireGriffiths/Drew family in America
USA information and secondary source finding
for Drew/Griffiths courtesy of Carol (Drew) McGlasson
In America by 1860
John James Drew b 1824
(He migrated to America where he was a farmer.)
and who were ? Thomas Drew b. 1837 + William Drew b. 1838 also listed with him? (See below)
From Carol (Drew) McGlasson - 11 August 02
Would you like to try and solve another mystery?

When I was checking the 1860 Census for Madison County In Brighton Il I did find my great great grandfather James and Eliza. On another page though, I did find three other Drews listed. The names were John J age 35, Thomas age 23, and William age 22. They were all listed together, they were farmers and they all came from Wales. Since they were all listed on another page I don't think they were members of (my) James' immediate family. Could be cousins? Yes.

So I started checking through and found a John J born in 1824. His parents were listed as James and Mary (Griffiths) Drew. They were married 1-4-1822 in Natmel St Cynllos. Mary was the daughter of John Griffiths and Anne (no last name given). She was born 1795 in Cwmgwiddel .I think I saw the names James and Mary in your Parish records page and you had questions listed. Could the James and Mary listed be the ones ... ? Yes.

James Drew and Mary Griffiths (b. 1795 Cwmgwiddel - daughter of John Griffiths and Anne) were m. 1822 at St. Cynllos (Church) Nantmel. Radnorshire. A son - John J. Drew was b. 1824. Other sons? - Thomas Drew b. circa 1837 and William Drew b. circa 1838 - and all were all in Madison County by 1860.
This question answered as follows: October 2002 - courtesy of May (Scharf) in England via Carol in USA -
Carol writes: "May sent me a census record from 1851 that shows some information on Mary (Griffiths) widow of James Drew.  It lists Mary as a widow age 55.  The following children are listed:
John James  age 26
James       age 24
Sarah B     age 18
Fortune     age 17
Thomas      age 15
William     age 12
They resided at Goosetree Farm at the time."

Carol continues "I also found an 1870 census record at the Illinois Archive Building on Thomas Drew (listed above) from Brighton, Il.  His wife's name was Sarah and there were four children listed:

Arthur      age 6
Byron       age 4
Mary        age 2
Ida         age   4 mths
I made a trip down to the Brighton cemetery in August and did locate Thomas's gravesite, but didn't find one for William or John J.  The headstones listed the following information:
Thomas Drew  born- 10-5-1835   died- 12-14-1901
Sarah        b - 7-19-1842     d - 4-7-1890
Thomas and Sarah King were married 6-24-1862, I found this record on the Illinois Archive website.

There were headstones for 4 children:

Bryon Drew  b - 1866   d - 1940
Ida Drew    b - 1870   d - 1940
Stella A. Drew b - 1877  d - 1959
Howard Drew    b - 1879  d - 1954"

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This original information from Carol - 0.12.40 AEST 11 August 2002 - via Victor Vaughn in Canada listing at Rootsweb ...

Generation No. 1
Thomas Drew - Thomas Drew was born 1791.
He married Margaret (SHEEN). She was born 1799.
Children of Thomas Drew and Margaret:
(There were 13 Children)
John Vincent Drew, b 1821
Margaret Drew b. 1821
James Edmund Drew b,
Panzey Sheen Drew b 1826 [Danzy]
Margaret Drew b 1828
Mary Ann Drew b 1830
Vincent David Drew b 1832
Althea Drew b 1834
Fortune Drew b 1836, Nantdu, Parish of Cefnllys, Twp Cwmbrydd,
and died February 19,1882 in Cwmgwiddel, Nantmel, Rock Chapel.
Harriet Drew b 1839
Elizabeth Ann Drew born 1841

Generation No 2
2. Fortume Drew (Thomas) was born 1836 in Nantdu, Parish of Cefnllys,
Cwmbrydd, and died February 19,1882 in Cwmgwiddel, Nantmel, Rock Chapel.
She married
John Griffiths June 7, 1859 in Natmel St Cynllos, son of John
Griffiths and Anne Lewis. He was born 1835, and died January 27, 1904 in
Cwmgwiddel, Nantmel, Rock Chapel.

Children of Fortume Drew and John Griffiths:
John James Griffiths b Oct 4,1859,Nantmel Wales
Price Thomas Griffiths b 1864
Alfred Vincent Griffiths b 1866
Emily M. Griffiths b 1869
Minnie S. Griffths b 1873
George W. Griffiths b 1875

Victor writes from Canada - in the old Guest Book on this site - "Very nice. A relative of the Drews way back in Wales via the Griffiths."

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