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One of several branches descending from Richard, Duke of Normandy, King William, the Conqueror's grandfather - in lineal descent from Drogo, or Dreux.

Walter I Count of Amiens and probably of Vexin, and Valois, married Adela, probably daughter of Fulk I, Count of Anjou. He died sometime between 992 and 998. He was followed by his son, Walter II, (the White) Count of Vexin, Valois and Amiens who built the castle at Crespy in Valois and founded the monastery of St. Arnulf there in 1008. He married Adela and died between 1017 and 1024. Among his children was Drogo (Dreux), Count of Vexin and Amiens who married Godgifu (who later married Eustace II, Count of Boulogne) sister of King Edward the Confessor, and daughter of Ethelred II, the Redeless, King of England, by his second wife, Emma, daughter of Richard I, Duke of Normandy.

The Drew family in general descends in a direct line from John, King of England; Dermot McMurrogh, King of Leinster; the King of Connaught; Llewellyn, Prince of all Wales; the King of Man; the Earl Strongbow; Hugh de Laci, Justice of Ireland; the Bigods, Earls of Norfolk; the Genevilles, Lords of Trim, in Ireland; the Earls of March and the Earls of Salisbury.(see Burke's Royal Families of England) The Irish branch resident for so many generations at Mocollop Castle, Waterford, descends through the heiress of Pomeroy, from King Henry I and the families of de Mules, de Camvile, de Vitrei, de Vere, de Vernon and de Valletort. The same branch also descends through the co-heirs of Godfrey, in direct line from King Edward I, the houses of Ormond and Thomond, fromMcCarthy More and Sir Valentine Browne of Ross, ancestor of the Earls of Kenmare, in Ireland.