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The Hastings LegacyThe Hastings Legacy
The Line of King Egbert - The Royal House of Wessex and the Norman Conquest

St. Margaret - c.1045 - 1093 was a Saxon Princess, descended from the line of the Wessex King, Egbert. Her daughter, Matilda, married King Henry I of England, the third son of King William (the Conqueror).

The Sons of King (802-839) Egbert

King (839-858) Ethelwulf = (1) Osburgh
= (2) Judith daughter of Charles the Bald, King of France.

Children of King Ethelwulf

Athelstan, King of East Anglia (829)
& Sub-king of Kent (839)

King (858-860) Ethelbald = Judith (his stepmother)

King (860-866) Ethelbert

King (866-871) Ethelred I

Ethelswith = Burhred, King of Mercia

King (871-901) Alfred The Great = Ealhswith, daughter of Ethelred Mucel, ealdorman of Gaini

Children of King Alfred

Aethelflaerd, Lady of Mercia = Ethelred, ealdorman of the Mercians

King (901-924) Edward the Elder

Ethelgifu, Abess of Shaftesbury

Aelfthryth = Baldwin II of Flanders


Children of King Edward the Elder

King (924-940) Athelstan

King (940-946) Edmund

King (946-955) Edred

Edgyth = Emperor
Otto The Great

Edgifu = King Charles the Simple of France

Children of King Edmund I

King (955-959) Edwig = Elfgifu, daughter of Aethelgifu
King (959-975) Edgar = (1) Ethelflaed = (2) Elfthryth
The son of King Edgar and (1) was King (975-978) Edward the Martyr
Son of King Edgar and (2) = King (978-1016) Ethelred II (the Redeless) = Emma - who later married King (1017-1035) Cnut (Canute). Struggles over the throne ensued. Harthacanut (son of Emma & Cnut) took the throne in 1040 after the death of Harold Harefoot (elder son of Cnut by a previous marriage.)

Children of King Ethelred the Redeless (the un- or ill-counselled) a.k.a. "The Unready".

King (1016) Edmund II Edmund Ironside

The son of King Edmund Ironside was Edward the Exile d 1057

Athelstan d 1015
Edwig killed 1017
Ealdgyth = Edric Streona
Alfred murdered 1036
King (1042-1066) Edward the Confessor = Ealdgyth, daughter of Godwin the sister of King (1066) Harold who was killed at the Battle of Hastings.
Goda = Drogo, Count of Mantes whose son Ralph (the Timid) was Earl of Hereford (d 1057)

(Drogo - Dreux - widely accepted progenitor of family Drew)

The son of Edward the Exile
Edgar Atheling d 1106
The daughter of Edward the Exile - Margaret
She became the bride of Malcolm III of Scotland and the daughter-in-law of King Duncan who was murdered by Macbeth in 1040. Her daughter, Matilda, married King Henry I of England who was the third son of King William (the Conqueror). St. Margaret died in 1093.

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