Douglas Anstruther - writer

Royal Court Theatre London

"The Farewell Performance"

8th May 1914

"The Farewell Performance".
A play by Yvonne FitzRoy and Douglas Anstruther.
Douglas Anstruther was born in 1893.
This play was produced in 1914.

Douglas Anstruther

Patronesses and Organising Committee "FitzRoy Club for Working Boys"

Adapted from "The Sense of Climax" by Perceval Gibbon, this play was staged for two performances (3pm and 8.30pm on Friday 8th May 1914) in aid of The FitzRoy Club for Working Lads. Click on the cover (left) to see the list of Patronesses and the Organising Committee list of who was who ... Perceval Gibbon Papers

Described as a "drama in three acts", the play is set in the Autumn of 1906 and was produced under the direction of Miss Edith Craig.

During the intervals between acts, Ivor Novello was scheduled to play and sing some of his own songs.

Advertising for the programme was handled by "The World's Advertising Co. (1911), Ltd., 11,Old Jewry Chambers, London EC.

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