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Enid Audrey Cloutman's marriage to Lieutenant Henry James Drew Smythe R.A.M.C. November 1914 - St. Mary Redcliff - Bristol
Rev. J. N. Bateman Champain Vicar of Redcliff
Best Man:
Lieutenant R. Irving Dacre R.A.M.C.
The Vicar was late and the bride was in tears
... read the Best Man's story of the wedding via the above link.
Organist: Mr R. T. Morgan
Reception at Messrs. Fortt (Forte) Clifton
(NB - in a later generation, Marie-Josèphe Forte
was a close friend of the first wife (Helen Diana Saphier)
of H.J.D. Smythe's grandson.)

Wedding Gifts were given by these persons / families

Known Family Names by Group
- with family relative status -
Mr & Mrs Smythe (Frank Smythe/Ada Drew)
parents of the Groom H. J. Drew Smythe
Sister - Miss P. Smythe (Phyllis) married A.C.Tuft. She was a Bridesmaid at this wedding.
Sister - Miss M. Smythe (Marjorie) married Fisher family
Miss Drew - This was Rosa Mary Drew - sister of the mother of the Groom - his spinster aunt.
Dr. Nias
Mrs and Mr C. Nias
Grand parents/relatives of the Groom via mother
Mrs Curtis Cloutman (Emily Jane Jullion) - mother of the Bride
Mr Curtis Cloutman - father of Bride
Mr N. Froyne Cloutman - brother of the Bride (Groomsman)
Miss Cloutman
The Rev. & Mrs W. E. Cloutman
Mr & Mrs A. B. Cloutman
Mrs J. Jullion - née Woolcock, wife of James Hamlet Jullion
(Maternal aunt of the Bride)
Mr & Mrs C. Newcombe - in-laws of the Bride's sister
(Enid's sister, Ivy Cloutman married Reginald Newcombe)
Mr & Mrs Nelson Parker
(Phyllis Cloutman (Enid's sister) married Parker family)
Mr & Mrs G. Parker
(Phyllis Cloutman (Enid's sister) married Parker family)
Unknown Family Names - Individuals
- with possible family relative status -
Mr and Mrs Esbester
Miss K. Vernon
Miss M. Charlton
Mrs Bowland
Mr Jack Holloway
Mrs Applegate
Dr & Mrs Tattersall
Mr & Mrs L. Kinnersley
(This family is known via Tom Kinnersley in current generation)
Mrs F. Grubbe
Dr & Mrs Wyard
(Possibly a Drew daughter and her husband)
Dr & Mrs Bletchley
Miss Whiteman
Mr & Mrs R. Holman
Mr & Mrs W. Crook
Mr & Mrs Sheldrick
Mr J. Greaves
Private Jode R.A.M.C.
Lance-Corporal Collier Royal Irish Regiment
Mr & Mrs A. P. Hawtin
Mr & Mrs J. Lee
Mr & Mrs Frost
Miss G. Young
Unknown Family Names By Group
- with possible family relative status -
Mr & Mrs Nunn
Mr & Mrs Nunn, Mr J. Nunn & Mr H. Nunn

March 2003 - Note: During the early 1800s, the Groom's great grandfather, Francis Smith, was apprenticed as a cooper to John Emerson, of Bristol. A descendant Emerson married into the Gregory family of Bristol. A daughter of this marriage married into the Nunn family.

It is likely that the Nunn family group mentioned above are one and the same family; either by direct line or by cousin descent. This information gratefully received from current Gregory family: "Ethel Gregory married William Nunn, who was secretary for Lord Lonsdale. The Nunns had 2 boys, Robert (killed in the war) and Michael (died recently) and they lived somewhere in Lincolnshire."

Mr & Mrs G. Clissold
Miss A. Clissold, Miss M. Clissold & Mr Harry Clissold

The Clissold family was from Nailsworth, Gloucestershire - home parish of the Groom's family.

Mr. W. G. Clissold was Chairman of Nailsworth Urban District Council for over twenty years until his death in 1914. See Note 1 below

Mrs Newman, Miss Newman and Mr F. B. Newman
Mr & Mrs H. Newman See Note 2 below
Mrs Hartley and Miss J. H. Hartley
Mr and Mrs Hartley
Mr & Mrs J. Hartley
Mrs H. Hartley See Note 2 below
Miss D Turner
Miss Turner and Mr F. C. Willows
Mr & Mrs J. T. Willows
Miss Doris Willows
Mr & Mrs Willows and Miss E. Willows
Mr and Mrs Herapath
Miss L. Herapath & Miss N. Herapath
Herapath letters and ephemera known to have been in possession of the couple, H. J. Drew-Smythe & E. A. Cloutman in 1960s.
Miss Deprez - possibly a Jullion relative &
Mr H. Logan
Dr & Mrs Logan
Miss H. Gordon & Miss M. Gordon
Miss Short & Mr B. Clark
Mr & Mrs P. Clark
Mr & Mrs H. King
Mr and Mrs C. King
Nailsworth residents.
Note 1

From p.114, "The Chronicles of Shortwood" (1916) the book by Frank Tompson Smythe (the Groom's father) - text quoted in his book from the original obituary and funeral report in the "Stroud Jounal" of February 27th 1914.

"The Rev. F.T. Smythe, pastor, conducted the service in the chapel, and the hymns "Our God, our help in ages past" and "O God of Bethel, by whose hand" were sung. Mr. Smythe, having read some passages of Scripture, said that when he heard early on Wednesday morning of Mr. Clissold's 'passing', the words of St. Paul's triumphant doxology came at once to his mind. 'I have fought a good fight. I have finished my course. I have kept the faith.' He could have uttered the same words as the end neared for him, for they were true of Mr. Clissold's career ..."

Note 2 - Ibid. p. 117

[at the funeral of Mr. W.G. Clissold J.P. C.C.] "The family mourners present were Mrs. H.J. Hartley, Mr. J.H. Hartley, Mrs. J.B. Newman, Miss Clissold and Miss Mabel Clissold (daughters), Messrs. H. and G. Clissold (sons), Mrs. G. Clissold (daughter-in-law), Messrs. H.J and J. H. Hartley and J.B. Newman (sons-in-law), Misses Jeanie and Peggy Hartley, Masters Donald Newman and Kenneth and Frank Clissold (grandchildren), Mr.Stephen Watkins (brother-in-law), the Misses Helen, Margaret and May Watkins and Edith Clissold (nieces), the Rev. W. Clissold, Messrs. Alfred and Charles Watkins (nephews) and Miss E. Hornblower, and Messrs. Bernard Robinson and Walter Hillier."

The image is adapted form the picture (Ibid. pp 106/7) of Shortwood Chapel, opened 1882, Church Parlour and Caretaker's House, opened 1903. Gratitude is expressed to Elizabeth Jack of Gloucester, England for making the pages of this rare book available to current (2002) Smythe family descendants.