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The following information comes from the Huddleston research pages of Roy H. Huddleston of Kentucky, America. His primary interest is Capt. John Huddleston, Master of the London vessel "Bona Nova" (c. 1620) and his part in the settlement of Virginia. Roy has kindly allowed the use of the transcript below which also helps to place contemporary Smyth/e family in a wider context.

This early Huddleston history is also significant in linking Roy's Huddleston family line with the Tempest family - which is also linked to the Smyth/e line of Durham and Acton Burnell, (qv) Shropshire. It also links to the Winter family - of Bristol and elsewhere - which is in turn associated with the Smyth family of Bristol - and to John Smyth of Nibley and Berkeley in Gloucestershire via Sir Thomas Huddleston - and shows the 'inevitable' link to the ubiquitous Neville family - and Stanley lineage. Roy also makes this valuable link available from his pages (1580 Visitation of Cheshire containing a vast array of pertinent lineages to the major families of the era) which may also be accessed from his site in context with the Smythe family of Elford. At the base of the linked page - which opens from here in a new window - is a set of arrow links to take the reader to the "Visitation" Index.

Roy states:

"We find Richard Huddleston and his wife Margery with daughter Lucy Huddleston who marries John Brooke as well as information on Anne Wilbraham which is also mentioned as Wilbram. Huddleston Forum information that helps to bring in Captain John Huddleston:- Lucie Huddleston (who married John Brooke) was the daughter of Richard Huddleston (b. 1490) and his wife Margery Smythe. Also, it was Lucie's sister, Anne Huddleston, who married Sir John Bowes of Elford. Sir John Bowes' second wife was Susannah Cave and their daughter was Elizabeth Bowes who married Sir Nicholas Heveningham.

Lucie inherited the Haselour estate, which had no doubt devolved on her father, Richard Huddleston, from his wife Margery Smythe, whose grandmother was Margery Stanley." (Anne Staunton's mother)

Roy Huddlestone continues, "Anne Huddleston was co-heiress with her elder sister, Lucie, and inherited the Elford estate which then devolved to the Bowes and Heveningham families. Both Elford and Haselour had previously been Stanley properties of which family Lucie Huddleston was descended.

William Huddleston, third son of Sir John Huddleston of Millom and Mary Fenwick, married Lady Isabel Neville youngest daughter of Marquess Montague (killed at the battle of Barnet 1471) He lived most of his life, when not fighting in the Wars of the Roses, in Cumberland. He and Isabel had two sons: John born c.1488 d.1530 who eventually inherited Sawston, Cambs. (John Huddlestone married Elizabeth Sutton.) and Richard born. c.1490. William died c.1508, and his widow married 2ndly, Ralph Dacre of Carlisle, and 3rdly. Sir William Smythe/Smith - of Elford by 1511 - and other manors in Staffordshire. Isabel d.1516 and is buried (qv above) at Elford, Staffs. with her last husband. Richard (born c. 1490) married Margery Smythe, his stepsister, who inherited Elford, where apparently they had two daughters, Lucy (born 1540 IGI) who married John Brookes) and possibly Elizabeth who married Bowes. Also a son, Richard who was born at Elford c. 1514 (IGI). It is possible that Lucy was the daughter of this Richard, as there is too long a time gap between the dates. However, Richard (of Elford) married Isabel Williams daughter of John Lord Williams of Thame."

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This also from Roy Huddleston: - Smith in America - early settlement ... which may possibly prove to be linked to the Smythe family of Elford in Staffordshire.
(Note: December, 2003 - see page base for additional notes regarding this line.)
Smith, Susanna ~ See name in Virginia Muster, February 4, 1624/5
(Her husband, John, arrived on the Elisabeth in 1611)
Smith, Osmond~Age 17 in Virginia Muster, January 24, 1624/5
Smith, Nicholas~Age 18 in Virginia Muster, February 4, 1624/5
These three Smiths were passengers aboard the Bona Noua.

From the Archives Catalogue of the Birmingham City Archives in England, Roy Huddleston points out the following references. Family names and inter-relatedness should be noted.

Reference: MS 3878/60: Indenture between Richard Huddleston, esq., Margery his wife, daughter of William Smyth knt., deceased, and Walter Smyth esq., and Dame Mary, his wife, formerly wife of the said William Smith, and Humphrey Smith, son of the said William and Mary, being an agreement concerning the settlement of the manor of Elford, with lands in Elford, Okeley, Hasloore, Tamworth, co. Staffs, in dispute between the said parties. Creation dates: 8 March 1529/30

Reference: MS 3878/61: Bond from Walter Smyth of Elford co. Staff., esq., and Humphrey Ferrers of Tamworth co. War., esq., to Richard Huddleston esq., to secure performance of covenants. Creation dates: 8 March 1529/30

Reference: MS 3878/63: Indenture between Richard Huddlestone esq., Margerie, his wife, and Walter Smyth, esq., and Dame Mary, his wife, being a covenant between the said parties concerning the exchange of the Manors of Elford and Oakley, co. Staff., with the manor of Sybertoft Sibbertoft co. Northampton, and the manor of Quarnden, co. Leic. Creation dates: 27 October 1530

Reference: MS 3878/67: Quitclaim from John Gemme of Whytynton Whittington, co. Staff., yeoman to Richard Huddylston, esq., Lord of Elforde Elford co. Staff. of a river meadow with appurtenances near the River Tame - and Reference: MS 3878/69: Testimony of John Deyster of Elforde, Elford co. Staff., husbandman, in a dispute between Richard Huddylston of Elforde, co. Staff., esq., and William Babynton of Tymmore Tamhorn, co. Staff., esq., concerning land in Elford, called Lolyms. Creation dates: 20 January 1538/9

Reference: MS 3878/73: Testimony of Thomas Wode, of Warrforde Warford, co. Cheshire, William Colyn of Fysherwyke Fisherwick, Co. Staff., and Roger Colyn of Drayton Bassett, Co. Staff., yeoman, in a dispute between Richard Huddylston, lord of Elforde, Elford, Co. Staff. and William Babynton of Tymmore, concerning a piece of land in Elford, called a holme. Creation dates: 14 March 1539/40.

2002 - The contents of this catalogue are the copyright of Birmingham City Archives.
Rights in the Access to Archives (A2A) database are the property of the Crown.

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Writing in October 2003, Roy adds - "Using Citizen Smythe as a reference point who shows up in the House of Lords, the London Company otherwise known as "Records of the Virginia Company" and information from your pages, I have found Richard Huddleston, Esq. and Lady Izabell Weyneman.  

We start with page 33 of Volume III of the 4 book series Records of the Virginia Company. Volume III is also part of the works of President Thomas Jefferson which he saved.

IX. Sir Thomas Smythe. A letter to Sr Raphe Winwood April, 1611 Duke of Buccleuch and Queensbury Manuscripts, Winwood Papers, volume 9 (Courtesy of Duke of Buccleuch) Document of Buccleugh at Boughton House.

Right HonBLE I have receyed yoR Lynes, but aquainted the Lords, (And the rest of the Counscell for Virginia) wTh them we made members (Whereof yU are made a member) who all do roturne their kind thanks, for yoR loue and affection to this worthie plantation, and for yoR readye willingnes to contrybute to the same, the cH I haue receyed to the some of 75ll and delyered a Bill of Adventurers for the same. And we do entreate yoR Lo: solicitacon, and best furtherance, to styrre vpp ye rest of those worthie c[omman]ders that as we haue the hopes of good successe to be raysed amongst them; so we may enioye the fruites of ther g[ood] wishes in due tyme, to the vphoulding of the most HonBLE worke, wCH no hath nede of the assistaunce of such or[t]h[i]e spirittes, who desire the enlargmT of Christian religion, to yE glorye of God, and renowne and honR of oR King and Englishe NatU Ad the wishing yU an increase in all honoR and happynes I rst YoR LoRS euer readye to do yU seruce Tho: Smythe London, Aprilis 1611. Transcript by Maj. C. A. Markham, of Northampton November 30, 1613

XVIII. Virginia Company Vs. William Levenson. the answer of William Levenson to the Bill of Complaint Chancery Proceedings, James 1, bundle U, Nos 2/55 Document in Public Record Office London List of Records No. 29 (The document starts on page 52 but doesn't apply to Sir Thomas Smythe until page 53) On page 53 taken from context: Sir Thomas Smithe tresurer of the said Companye ... on page 59 March 6 1615/16-June 9, 1623 May 28 1619 ... Giuen vnto Sr Thoms Smith for a gratificacon ... on page 68 ... In so doing both ourselves shall have a great cause to thank you and the Plantation to acknowledge your love and kindness towards the same. Thomas Smythe. There is more about Sir Thomas Smythe but I am covering the highlights but as treasurer he was partly responsible for a lottery. One sees that this money is for the business of the Virginia Company and getting people from England to Virginia.

On page 70 John Hudson sometimes Provost MarshLL General for diverse crimes this Colony & Comen weale was at 2 Marshall & misdemeanors comitted agT the just & sacred Articles laws & Goument of Courts comdem'd to die and according to Lers from Sr Tho: Smith TreasR foR yE CompA to Sr Thom: Dale GovR reprieved in hopes of Amendmt And now has been guilty of more Errors therefore to prevent ye danger in HarbRS so ungratefull a Viper in the young & tender bosom of this so religious & lawful an action He is Exiled & banished & if he returns to be put to death without further Judgmt 7 June 1617   (PCC Richard Huddleston Esq. of Thame Park, Oxon, the administration given to Henry Norris Kt. Lord, of Rycote Park, Oxon (near Thame) in 1590 and again 1598.)

From British History Online http://www.british-history.ac.uk/people.asp?startletter=smythe I was able to find a similiar reference to Sir Thomas Smythe that covered known Huddleston ancestors. House of Commons Journal Volume 1 10 March 1576 (This would be nine years before Captain John Huddleston was born)

Lady Weyneman, &c. Mr. Doctor Barcley and Mr. Powle do bring from the Lords the Bill touching the Confirmation of an Abitrament to be made between Richard Huddlestone Esquire, and Dame Izabell Weyneman his wife, on the One Part; and Francis Weyneman Gentlemen of the other Part; are sent up to the Lords by Mr. Secretary Smythe and others. FILE - Private Act, 18 Elizabeth I, c. 13 - ref. HL/PO/PB/1/1575/18Eliz1n30 - date: 1575 |_ [from Scope and Content] An Act for the Confirmation of an Arbitrament to be made by certain Persons, touching a Controversy between Richard Huddleston, Esquire, and Dame Isabell Weyman his Wife on the one Part, and Francis Weyman, Gentleman, on the other Part. 2002 The contents of this catalogue Birmingham City Archives.

Mr. Secretary Smythe was the common denominator I was looking for. So far I have been unable to trace any children of this marriage, and Isabel Williams married 2ndly Sir Richard Wensman (?)of Witney. Be that as it may, I found in the PCC Richard Huddleston Esq. of Thame Park, Oxon, the administration given to Henry Norris Kt. Lord, of Rycote Park, Oxon (near Thame) in 1590 and again 1598. I also found mention of Richard Huddleston "Her Maj, Treasurer of War" in 1586. He could and indeed probably is, the same as Richard Huddleston of Thame. Thame is the town named from the river Thames. Thame is 47 miles from London and Middlesex is 30 miles from London and they are both on the River Thames.

The link is where I found information on Smythe in the House of Commons journals.

House of Commons Journal Volume 1 10 March 1576 Sabbati, decimo Martii, 1575 ... the Bill for Confirmation of an Arbitrament to be made by certain Persons, between Richard Huddleston Esquire, and Dame Izabell Weyneman his Wife, on, the One Part, and Francis Weyneman Gentleman, on the other Part; are sent up to the Lords by Mr. Secretary Smythe and others.

December 2003 - Smyth/e or Smith - additional notes to this line which may also connect to Elford in Staffordshire

This LDS IGI FamilySearch™ Pedigree Resource File lists the following under Compact Disc #54 -  Pin #772335 - (AFN: 1N8W-41T) A man by the name of John Smith - was born in England in about 1588 and died in 1679 at Taunton, Bristol Mass. He is recorded as having a wife named Susanna Hinkley (Disc #54 Pin #772336) who was born at Hingham, Suffolk Mass. in about 1592. A son, named Francis Smith, was born to this couple - possibly at Stratford on Avon in Warwickshire - between 1614 and 1619 (known now to be 1618/19) - Compact Disc #54 - Pin #771817  - (AFN: 11L3-7ZK)

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A follow-on to the above references to John and Susanna Smith comes (February 2003) from Bishop David Holmes-Smith in which he states, "I believe the John (aboard the Elizabeth 1611) and Susanna (aboard the Bona Nova 1619) listed above are my direct ancestors.  The passenger log of the ship also listed Francis as arriving with Susanna ..."

David continues: "Henry Smith is noted in many New England records as having come from Haddon Hall (pictured above) and also being related to Francis and John Smyth of Hingham, Mass in the early 1600s. 

I am a direct descendent of Francis Smith who had a father named 'John'.  It is possible that the Smyths to which I refer are relatives of Elizabeth Smythe of Haddon Hall and may have worked in some association with the Hall before moving to America as a family between 1611 and 1638. This Smyth family of Haddon Hall is related to the famed Customer Smyth. I seek to know who were the Smyth relatives that may have been associated with Haddon Hall circa the 1600s.

There were so many John Smyths (Smiths) during the 1600s in Hingham, Mass. that to identify which one was the father of Francis is tenuous. However, according to passenger lists, there was a John Smith (Smyth) that arrived in America in 1611 from Hingham, England and his wife Susanna following in 1619 with son Francis noted at one year of age.  The Will of Francis in 1679, my forbearer, identifies his [Francis'] age making him one year old in 1619 so he was born in 1618.  Other sources also identify John as the father of Francis. 

[There is a record of a link] to Haddon Hall by association of the 1st generation John having a brother or cousin named Henry Smyth who came to America from Haddon Hall in 1638 with three men servants and two maid servants, two daughters, three sons and his wife.  The [other] reference to a Smyth of Haddon Hall is Elizabeth Smythe, wife of Henry Neville (clearly connected with Customer Smyth).

My thinking is to find a complete family list of Smyths living in the Haddon Hall area circa 1600 who held the common forenames of James, John, Henry, Ralph or Francis - since these names reappear for many generations to follow from the 1600s in America.  It is interesting to note that these names are also frequently found in the Smyths of Wiltshire from Thomas Smyth aka. Customer Smyth."

Site Notes:

This link goes to some pages of Neville family ancestors and to Haddon Hall. Henry NEVILLE [BARON ABERGAVENNY] - married Frances Manners before 1555/56. The Manners family is connected to the maternal line of this site qv The Hastings Legacy pages.

The link below will access Bishop David's most recent Smith line genealogy research pages.
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