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Micheil MacDonald, in his book 'The Clans of Scotland: The History and Landscape of the Scottish Clans'. London: Brian Trodd Publishing House, Ltd. 1991 - states:

"The Anstruthers are descendants of the Norman family of Malherbe, whose branch of that family held lands at Candel in Dorset during the eleventh century. They appear in Scotland a century later, holding the lands of Anstruther in Fife. At the time of his death in 1153, William de Candela is recorded as holding the barony of Anstruther, but it was his son Henry who seems to have been the first to adopt the territorial designation "de Ainestrother" as a surname. The "Henry de Anstrother or Aynestrothere" who rendered homage to Edward I of England in 1298 was probably his son or grandson ... "

"Sir James Anstruther, a favorite of James VI and I, was appointed Hereditary Grand Carver, an ancient office still held by the Anstruthers. In 1595 he was appointed Master of the Royal Household ... "

"The Anstruther land at the time of Cromwell was held by Sir Phillip, who had seven sons: three of whom were knighted and two created baronets of Nova Scotia: Sir Robert Anstruther of Balcaskie and Sir James Anstruther of Airdie. The fourth Baronet of Airdie inherited the Carmichael estates in Lanarkshire in 1817 and assumed the surname of Carmichael-Anstruther. His only son was shot dead by a fellow pupil at Eton and was succeeded by his uncle. The compound surname disqualifies the descendants of his senior line of the family from being recognized as chiefs. The chiefship today has developed upon the holder of the other Baronetcy, Sir Ralph Anstruther of Balcaskie, seventh Baronet, KCVO, MC, DL, who is Treasurer and Equery to her majesty, Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother. There is no clan tartan." (pp. 70-71).

Page notes:

Sir Ralph Anstruther died in May 2002. He is s.by his cousin, Ian Fife Campbell Anstruther. "The Anstruthers, as Fifers, have no tartan," wrote Ian Anstruther's father, Douglas Anstruther, in July 1940, "but as Hereditary Grand Carvers to the Kings of Scotland, they may wear the Hunting Stuart Tartan." He went on to write that in his opinion - "Fifers are na Highland na Lowland but 'fra Fife'. Mongerels, if you wish, but with the traditional characteristics of that 'Breed'."

'The descendants of David Anstruther, who is recorded in the sixteenth century as an officer in the Scots Guard or Garde Ecossaise of the King of France, was created Baron Anstrude in the French peerage and his descendants still hold the title today. '

Micheil MacDonald

The Anstruther family in France