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- the writer, Jan Struther, 1901-1953

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Joyce Anstruther was born in 1901. She was the younger of two children born to Harry (Henry) Torrens Anstruther, M.P. and his wife, (later Dame) Eva Anstruther née Hanbury-Tracy. She was educated privately in London. In class, she used to sit behind Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon (the future Queen, H.R.H. Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother) and would occasionally dip the long tresses of 'royal' hair into the ink-well. In later life, when quizzed about this by an Anstruther family member, the ever-tactful Queen Mother declared that she could recall nothing of it!

Joyce Anstruther ... at Miss Wolff's SchoolNote August 2005

Courtesy of her son, Robert Maxtone Graham and of her Literary Executrix and granddaughter, Ysenda Maxtone Graham, it is now possible to view Jan Struther's "Rough Draft" version of her memories of one of these schools ... Miss Wolff's.

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"Private opinion creates public opinion.
That is why private opinion, and private behaviour, and private conversation are so terrifyingly important." Jan Struther

These signatures are extracted from "The Anstruther Guest Book" and, in reality, they chronicle her journey from unmarried Anstruther daughter to Joyce, the wife of Tony Maxtone Graham and thence to divorcee "Jan Struther" and her second marriage to Dolf Placzek. Her life story may be found by visiting the "Mrs. Miniver" pages on this site via the key link above.

As Joyce Anstruther, visiting her father in the month before her marriage to Tony Maxtone Graham
(from The Anstruther Guest Book 1923)

Joyce and Tony Maxtone Graham - Anstruther House Guest Signatures 1936

As Joyce Maxtone Graham, wife of Tony Maxtone Graham; the last time their signatures appeared together.
(from The Anstruther Guest Book 1936)

As Joyce Maxtone Graham - alone. Probably one of the last few signatures under that name.
(from The Anstruther Guest Book 1947)

As Jan Struther - New Year - the year in which she married Dolf Placzek.
Also visiting, Dick Drew-Smythe, who would become engaged to Jean, her niece, in that same year.
(from The Anstruther Guest Book 1948)

As Jan Struther Placzek - the first visit with her second husband A.K. Placzek
(from The Anstruther Guest Book 1950)

As Jan Placzek with Dolf Placzek. This was her last visit. She died in the following year. Dolf Placzek died in 2000.
(from The Anstruther Guest Book 1952)

Photographic portrait of Joyce Anstruther circa 1914, aged 13/14.

Courtesy of Robert Maxtone Graham and Bev PlaczekClick on this image (new window) to view what is believed to be the only adult portrait of Jan Struther; a pencil drawing completed a short time before her marriage to Dolf Placzec.

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For fifty years there was a Guest Book on the hall table at the various Anstruther homes. Created in 1901, it records visits made by family, friends and professional colleagues to the houses of Harry (her father) and Douglas (her brother) between 1901 and 1952. In the first part, over a period of several years, there are signings by politicians - writers - sporting personalities - cousins, creators and their kith and kin - many of them vital cogs in the then Imperial wheel. Cyril Maude and Winifred Emery, the actors - Sopwith, the aviation engineer, Buchan and Delafield the writers - wheelers, dealers, diarists, agents, translators, inventors, and suffragettes ... and connections to a host of other personalities of the age; the Guest Book provides a fascinating peek at society through the social keyhole of an Edwardian country house. (Click on the image at right.)