Jan Struther 1901-1953

Jan Struther was the nom de plume of Joyce Anstruther, later Joyce Maxtone Graham/Joyce Placzek.

She was born on June 6th. 1901, youngest child of Henry (Harry) Torrens Anstruther M.P. and (later Dame) Eva Anstruther (née Hanbury-Tracy). She died in 1953. Her most renowned work is the novel, Mrs. Miniver, which chronicles the life of a British middle class family during World War II.

The book was made into a film (see below) and starred Walter Pidgeon and Greer Garson. The film won 6 Hollywood Oscars in 1942, including the award for Best Picture.12 Nominations and 6 Oscars

Starting at the age of 16, Jan Struther wrote articles, poems, and short stories for periodicals, most notably, "Punch". Her volumes of poetry include Betsinda Dances and Other Poems, 1931; Sycamore Square and Other Verses, 1932 (illustrated by Ernest Shepard); Try Anything Twice, 1938; and The Glass Blower, 1941.

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Henry (Harry) Torrens Anstruther by his daughter, Joyce Anstruther Henry Torrens Anstruther - by Joyce Anstruther - a "vignette".

A Modern Struwwelpeter - Illus. Ernest Shepard 1936 The Story of Reckless Mike and Ruthless John - from - "A Modern Struwwelpeter" - by Jan Struther and illustrated by Ernest Shepard, 1936

She wrote the words for several hymns - hymns that are still in use today. This, perhaps, is the best known and most popular of those works.

Lord Of All Hopefulness

During the Second World War, Jan Struther lived in New York City with her children. There she was a popular lecturer. In 1948 she married A. K. Placzek. She died from cancer on July 20th., 1953 in New York.

Access to Publisher's Web Site - John Murray, LondonA Biography of Jan Struther, titled The Real Mrs. Miniver, written by Ysenda Maxtone Graham was published in November 2001. For further details contact the publisher - click on JM logo.

Category Recipient
Best Picture Oscar Sidney Franklin
Best Actor Nomination Walter Pidgeon
Best Actress Oscar Greer Garson
Best Supporting Actor Nomination Henry Travers
Best Supporting Actress Oscar Teresa Wright
Best Supporting Actress Nomination Dame May Whitty
Best Director Oscar William Wyler
Best Screenplay Oscar George Froeschel, James Hilton, Claudine West, Arthur Wimperis
Best Black and White Cinematography Oscar Joseph Ruttenberg
Best Film Editing Nomination Harold F. Kress
Best Sound Recording Nomination Douglas Shearer
Best Special Effects Nomination Photographic: A. Arnold Gillespie, Warren Newcombe
Sound: Douglas Shearer
Jan Struther - Photographed c. 1914
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Jan Struther - photographed with Babs Anstruther, her sister-in-law, c.1926.
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"Private opinion creates public opinion. That is why private opinion, and private behaviour, and private conversation are so terrifyingly important." ~ Jan Struther ~