Navigation and Notes about the Family Vault

If you get lost in the twists and turns of the Family Vault, go back to the entrance of the Vault and pick up from there - or use a link to the Ancestor Index - or you can always use the frequently updated search facility if you want to cut corners. To start again completely, click here. This will open the Family Vault at its beginnings in a completely new window.

In general, to get around The Vault, you need to click on the portrait of an individual or on a hyperlinked name or text.

When the key appears it may be used to open a page - or a series of pages - containing information or details of family, children of the marriage, their descendants and/or historical detail about that person/family - or about connected individuals - often with photographs or (related) forward links of interest.Enter The Vault

The keyhole indicates access to "insight" - extended details of interest or amusement - or, perhaps even, "what the Butler saw"!

It may be used here to ENTER THE VAULT.

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As is the nature of the Internet, a number of links used in the "Family Vault" - like our ancestors - have gone. Sometimes, by using a reputable web-search engine and a phrase (set between inverted commas) from the quoted material on this site, the information can be retrieved - either from cache or from its new location.
It has also been found that some link destinations have been cyber-jacked and replaced or diverted to pages of questionable repute. The link was correct at the time of research/writing. If you are as indignant as we are then please file a complaint with the original link host - and let this site know so that the link may be expunged.