Lilian Adelaide Wormald (not Lily A. Wormald) - marriage record, date, place etc. now being sought

Lilian Adelaide Wormald - Harold Llewellyn Lewis. Were they married? Perhaps de facto? Lilian Adelaide Lewis was the mother of John Llewellyn Lewis:-

The undotted letter i (2 of them) in her first forename ... the Deputy Registrar has very carefully dotted every other letter i ... there is a family name Lelean - sometimes used as a first name ... perhaps ... and the Death Certificate of Harold Lewis, informant logged only as L. Lewis so cannot compare.

The wording "formerly Wormald" rather than née Wormald is of interest - might this suggests that she had been married before to a "Wormald" male but that, in fact, her maiden name was something else altogether ...? Might she have changed her name legally (by deed) to Lewis?

Lilian Adelaide Wormald - Harold Llewellyn Lewis

Harold L. Lewis joins
the Manchester Police Force
12th December 1898
Status. Single
Marriage (seaching for)
between 12/12/1898 and 18/07/99
Son - John Llewellyn Lewis - born March 1899
Conception estimated June 1898
London or Leeds?
Harold resigned 23rd June 1899
on health grounds.
18th July 1899 Letter of request.
Status: with wife and child.

Suggested scenario: Harold meets an unmarried, married or widowed Lilian (Lelean) Adelaide Wormald in London while he is training or serving with the Metropolitan Police Force. They take up together.

They move to Leeds. She is - or very soon becomes - pregnant. She would have had parents or close kin in Leeds or Manchester - (married name or maiden name, Wormald - Yorkshire is a Wormald 'stronghold' - and her birth place of Leeds is known) and in times of crisis ...

In Leeds, they live in rented accommodation. Harold gets a job with the Yoot Typewriter Co. as a travelling salesman. This is not good for his health and/or she wants him closer to her. With previous policing experience in London, he joins the Manchester Police Force. Then resigns, is out of work for a time, requests access to his superannuation and by 1901 is a travelling salesman again. He dies (from TB) in 1911 and is documented at date of death as being a builder's labourer.

If L. Adelaide was previously married to a Wormald male, it may well be that she was not able to obtain a divorce and that she and Harold were never, in fact, married - the 'wife and child' reference being Harold's attempt to force the superannuation issue with his superiors. His understanding of their relationship would certainly have been 'de facto' or common law husband and wife in any case.

It may well be that Harold would have relied upon L. Adelaide's family connections for the jobs he obtained - history of Yoot Typewriters? Names of local building firms c. 1910. Is there any record of Harold's police service - or training - in London?

Did Lilian Adelaide Lewis ever re-marry? Her birth date was 1872/3.
Jennings, Lilian Adelaide, 20/7/53, 80, 12 Dunwich Road, Widow, S/L/44.