Section 1. General
A true story from Ireland
There was once a Smyth, whose eighteenth-century house, Glananea, in County Westmeath - Ireland, had such a flamboyant triumphal arch and gates at the entrance to his demesne that he became known as "Smyth o' the Gates".

A later descendant, growing weary and annoyed with this hereditary tag, sold the arch and the gates to a neighbour - whereupon the family was immediately dubbed "Smyth wid'out the Gates".

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Anstruther lineage
Drew family lineage
Smyth/e Index..
An Index of Sm*th/e
Drew-Smythe generations ...
The Smythe (Smith/Smyth) line
Smythe Smith
Smythe family linkages and ana;lysis ...The image of the "Flower of Bristowe" (Bristol) - Non-such or Scarlet Lychnis, (Lychnis chalcedonica) leads to a section of analysis and general information about the Smyth/e Smith/e families of Bristol and England in Tudor/Stuart times.

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Section 2. Immediate Parental Ancestry

The Anstruther Lineage to the Saxon KingsMaternal Line
Individual Biographical Detail
Index to 19th & 20th Century
Jean Dionis Anstruther
Douglas Tollemache Anstruther
(2nd) Evelyn Mabel (Babs) Wormald
John Wormald
(2nd) Eleanor Mabel Simms
Henry Torrens Anstruther
Eva Isabella Henrietta Hanbury-Tracy
Direct access to family line of
Robert Anstruther
Louisa Maria Chowne Marshall
Charles Douglas Richard Hanbury-Tracy
Ada Maria Tollemache - Gossip Notes
Joseph Dawson Wormald
Mary Millar Anderson
Henry Simms
Marian Green
The Anstruther family line
The Hastings Legacy
The Hastings Legacy

Carmichael Anstruther

Anstruther Thomson - leading to
"The Annual Present"
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Smythe paternal linePaternal Line
Individual Biographical Detail
Index to 19th & 20th Century
Richard David Somerset Drew-Smythe
Henry James Drew Smythe
Enid Audrey Cloutman
Frank Tompson Smythe
Ada Josephine Drew
French ancestors - de JulienCurtis William Cloutman
Emily Jane Jullion
Direct access to family line of
James Francis Smythe
i Eleanor Cooper ii Elizabeth Tompson Smith
James (the Hosier) Drew
Sarah Ann M. Nias
William Curtis Cloutman
Elizabeth A. Brett
Henry Hamlet Jullion
Charlotte Hayward
The Roberts family line
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Section 3. Family Associated Links

Joyce Anstruther - Jan Struther, writerThe film won 6 Oscars in 1942 - nominated for 12.Jan Struther
(Joyce Anstruther)
poet and the writer of 'Mrs. Miniver'.
Joyce Anstruther/Jan Struther - Maxtone GrahamMaxtone Graham
Family and Lineage

Read the Internet Edition of "Mrs. Miniver"

Family Internet Edition
Jan Struther's
'Mrs. Miniver'

Principal Families List

The Anstruther
Guest Book
The Anstruther Guest Book 1901 - 1952
Currently to October 1915
with special section in progress -
The Decade of War

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Origins of Anstruther