Marianne Smythe

She was the 'adopted' daughter of Maria Fitzherbert - supposedly the daughter of John (Jack) Smythe, Maria's brother - but nowadays accepted as having been the daughter of Maria's marriage to the Prince of Wales, later George IV of England.

Mary Anne (Maria Fitzherbert) Smythe

The 'adopted' daughters of Maria Fitzherbert (Marianne & Minny)

  • Sir Edward WALPOLE + Maria Clements
    (natural daughter)
    Maria (d1807)
    = (1) James, 2nd Earl of Waldegrave
    Anna Horatia (1762-1801)
    = Lord Hugh SEYMOUR-CONWAY
  • George (b1787)
  • Hugh (b1790)
  • Horace (b1791)
  • Horatia
  • Frederick (b1797)
  • Georgina 'Minny' (1798-1848)
    = George DAWSON (-DAMER)
    3rd son of Earl of Portarlington,
    pedigree continued in Debrett's, Burke's etc.

= (2) William, Duke of Gloucester (b1743)

Hugh Seymour (1759-1801), 5th son of Marquis of Hertford, and his wife Horatia were close friends of the Prince of Wales.

From the Stafford-Jerningham Archives
- listed and accessible at the Public Records Office, London.

Stafford Jerningham Information

  • John (Jack) SMYTHE - never married
    (reputedly his daughter)
    Mary-Anne 'Marianne' (d1859)
    = (1828) Edward STAFFORD-JERNINGHAM
    son of 8th Baron Stafford,
    pedigree continued in Debrett's, Burke's etc.
Prince George was rumoured to have also had the following children -
  • James ORD - to America
  • 1793, a boy, born in Lille
  • a boy, adopted by Sir James HARRIS
    - others were claimed -
  • a daughter by Mrs Mary LEWIS, a Weymouth landlady
  • 1781, Georgina SEYMOUR, by Mrs Grace Dalrymple Elliott
    - and he acknowledged paternity of -
  • George SEYMOUR by Mrs Crowe in 1798. When discussing his Will in 1823 with Lord Eldon, George IV mentioned he had a natural born son who was an officer in the East Indies to whom he thought himself bound to give a legacy of £30,000.
There was possibly another 'adopted' daughter of Maria Fitzherbert - a member of the Early family writes: "David and his sister Margaret, mother of Isabella Henderson, were children of 'an adopted daughter' of Maria Fitzherbert. Who was she?"

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Jerningham Papers
   |_ [from Scope and Content] The personal correspondence (c.1,800 letters) was found in disorder with almost no original bundles surviving and the present arrangement, which is largely by recipient, is artificial. The largest groups are the correspondence of Frances, wife of Sir William Jerningham (dated 1796-1823), Sir George Jerningham (1810-1846) and his wife, Frances (1804-1832) and their son Henry Valentine, 9th Baron Stafford (1828-1884). There are a number of letters from Edward Jerningham, the eighteenth century poet and dramatist and some of his verse is also to be found amongst the personal miscellanea (D641/3/P/4/14/20). The correspondence of Marianne Smythe who married Edward Stafford Jerningham in 1828 includes letters to and from Maria Fitzherbert and one to Mrs. Fitzherbert from the Prince of Wales (D641/3/P/3/29).

      Estate Correspondence

         Stafford and Shifnal estates

FILE  [no title] - ref.  D641/3/E/6/23/1-33  - date: 1873-1884
               |_ [from Scope and ContentIncludes vouchers of Mrs. Lucy Smythe, 1823; letters from H. Sandy, agent at Stafford, 1884; Adolphus Jerningham, 1872, Hubert (?Sulyard), 1872, and Bella Jerningham, n.d.


      Personal Finance

         Bonds and other papers mainly relating to debts and loans

            Sir Henry Jerningham (d.1572)

FILE  [no title] - ref.  D641/3/P/1/1/1  - date: 1559
                  |_ [from Scope and ContentReceipt of John Smythe of London, innholder, to Sir Henry Jernyngham for payment of 2 years' annuities.

      Personal Correspondence

         Sir George Jerningham, 8th Baron Stafford (1771-1851)

FILE  [no title] - ref.  D641/3/P/3/13/51-55  - date: 1827-28, 1841
                  |_ [from Scope and ContentFamily incl. progress of relationship with Marianne Smythe

FILE  [no title] - ref.  D641/3/P/3/13/136-137  - date: 1810, 1814
                  |_ [from Scope and ContentLetters from Hugo Smythe, his brother-in-law.

FILE  [no title] - ref.  D641/3/P/3/13/138-139  - date: 1823
                  |_ [from Scope and ContentLetters from Lucy Smythe, his sister-in-law.

         Lady Frances Jerningham (née Sulyard) d.1832

FILE  [no title] - ref.  D641/3/P/3/14/121-123  - date: 1815-1821
               |_ [from Scope and ContentLetters from Lucy Smythe, her sister.

         Lucy Smythe (née Sulyard)

FILE  [no title] - ref.  D641/3/P/3/19/32-51  - date: 1826
               |_ [from Scope and ContentLetters of congratulation on marriage of Lucy Smythe and Henry Arundell (later 11th Baron Arundell).

         Hugh Smythe (1769-1822)

         Lucy Smythe (d. 1827)

FILE  [no title] - ref.  D641/3/P/3/21/1-49  - date: 1817-1818
               |_ [from Scope and ContentLetters from Hugh and Lucy Smythe, her father and mother, addressed to 'Tutty' at school at New Hall Convent, Chelmsford.

FILE  [no title] - ref.  D641/3/P/3/21/73-75  - date: 1822
               |_ [from Scope and ContentLetters from Lucy Smythe, her mother, on the death of her father.

         Marianne Stafford Jerningham (née Smythe) d.1859

FILE  [no title] - ref.  D641/3/P/3/29/5/1-9  - date: 1824-1837
               |_ [from Scope and ContentLetter (D641/3) to Marianne Smythe from Kinselas, Baron Hacché (religious advice, in French), 1824; and (D641/4-5) from M. Dawson Damer, 1837, n.d. Also (D641/1-2) letters of Marianne, Mrs. E. S. Jerningham, to Minney [Dawson Damer], and (D641/8-9) wedding and birthday congratulations from M.F. (Maria Fitzherbert), 1833, 1835. Also incl. verses, one in 'Fores's Coaching Envelope' [illustrated], n.d.

FILE  [no title] - ref.  D641/3/P/3/29/8/1-13  - date: 1825-1851
               |_ [from Scope and ContentLetters (D641/1-2) between Charles Heneage and H. Weld concerning his proposal of marriage to Marianne Smythe and subsequent withdrawal, 1825. Also others, mainly letters of condolence incl. (D641/5) one from Maria Fitzherbert, on death of her son, 1832. Other miscellanea.

FILE  [no title] - ref.  D641/3/P/3/29/10/1-5  - date: 1828-1830
               |_ [from Scope and ContentCorrespondence relating mainly to marriage of Marianne Smythe and Edward Stafford Jerningham comprising: (D641/1-2) letters to Mrs. Fitzherbert from Lady Stafford, 1828; (D641/3) letter to Marianne from Lady Stafford, 1828; (D641/4) letter to Lady Stafford from Mrs. Fitzherbert, n.d. Also (D641/5) letter to Lady Stafford from Edward and Marianne on death of Mrs. Sulyard, 1830.

      Personal Miscellanea

         Frances, Lady Stafford

FILE  [no title] - ref.  D641/3/P/4/3/2  - date: 1830
               |_ [from Scope and ContentAccount by Frances, Lady Stafford, of the last illness of her sister, Lucy Smythe.

         Lucy Smythe

FILE  [no title] - ref.  D641/3/P/4/9/1  - date: 1828
               |_ [from Scope and ContentTiler/Lucy Smythe

FILE  [no title] - ref.  D641/3/P/4/9/2  - date: 1822
               |_ [from Scope and ContentAccounts for funeral expenses of Hugh Philip Smythe.

FILE  [no title] - ref.  D641/3/P/4/9/3-4  - date: 1822-1823
               |_ [from Scope and ContentMrs. Smythe. Household accounts

FILE  [no title] - ref.  D641/3/P/4/9/5  - date: 1822-1823
               |_ [from Scope and ContentMrs. Smythe. Household and personal vouchers at Bath: incl.her daughter's dancing lessons.

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