Anthony George Maxtone Graham of Cultoquhey
14th Laird and 7th of Redgorton (d.1930 unmarried)

his father -

13th Laird and 6th of Redgorton
James Maxtone Graham of Cultoquhey married Caroline Russell
He was the father of James 15th Laird and 8th of Redgorton who married Margaret Ethel K. Blair Oliphant.
The children of James Maxtone Graham 13th Laird and 6th of Redgorton and Caroline Russell were
1. Alexina Mary Maxtone Graham (d.1912)
2. Anthony George Maxtone Graham 14th Laird and 7th of Redgorton (d.1930 unmarried)
3. Robert Graeme Maxtone Graham - married Julia Seward.
4. Margaret Graeme Maxtone Graham (d.1912)
5. Caroline Leonora Maxtone Graham
6. Elizabeth Christina Maxtone Graham (d.1924)
7. James Maxtone Graham 15th Laird and 8th of Redgorton
married Margaret Ethel Blair Oliphant.Maxtone Graham/Oliphant children of the marriage

- Children of the marriage

8. Georgiana Marjory Ramsay Maxtone Graham

his father -
Anthony Maxtone
of Cultoquhey
12th Laird and 5th of Redgorton

Married Alexina Graham

There were marriages in several generations between the Graeme and Maxtone families ... the most recent concerning the linking of Maxtone and Graeme (Graham) names being in 1816 when Anthony Maxtone of Cultoquhey married Alexina Graeme of the Balgowan family through whom the Graeme property of Redgorton came to be joined to the Maxtone lands.

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