Parents ...Joyce (Anstruther)
Maxtone Graham
aka Jan Struther
Her Life and Works
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The writer, Jan Struther
books, poems, hymns, articles -
Family ...Anthony (Tony)
Maxtone Graham

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The children of Anthony Maxtone Graham and Joyce Anstruther

1. James Anstruther Maxtone Graham
writer/entrepreneur (1924-2001) 17th Laird of Cultoquhey (Hyperlink to Bibliography)
Obituary written by Ysenda Maxtone Graham.
Uncle Jamie remembered - by the Rance family.
m. 1 - 1952 - Diana MacGregor
1st cousin on MacGregor side = Sir Robert (Bertie) Bruce-Lockhart
m. 2. - 1972 - Diana Fraser, née Pilcher.
The children of
James Anstruther Maxtone Graham and Diana MacGregor

Mary Alma Maxtone Graham b. 1953 - m. Herbie Whittall

Robert Oliphant Maxtone Graham 18th of Cultoquhey - 2001
b 24 Oct 1955. m. 1986 Anne Sullivan - Daughter: Alexina Maxtone Graham
a.w. - Henri MacAulay -- Son: Lachlan Maxtone Graham b. 1993. Daughter: Catriona Maxtone Graham b 1996.
Traditional Arts in Edinburgh and the Lothians - Ref: Rob Maxtone Graham
Anthony James Maxtone Graham

2. Janet Mary Maxtone Graham b.1928 d.1996 - m.1951 - Patrick Lowry Cole Holwell Rance b.1917 - d.1999
Obituary for Janet Rance written by Ysenda Maxtone Graham for Victoria Walker, 'The Times'.
Susanna RanceHugh Rance -
James Rance -
Marcus Rance -
Susanna Rance - m. 1982 Adrian Villanueva ~ Chn. Nina Wara Rance, Amaru Rance
Sara Rance - m. 1991 Peter Bradbury ~ Chn. Madeline Bradbury Rance, Clara Bradbury Rance
Victoria Rance - Alex Pemberton ~ Chn. Jethro Pemberton, Sophie Pemberton, Cole Laurance Pemberton
Kate Rance - m. 1996 John Nelson

3. Robert Mungo Maxtone Graham

Burke's Landed Gentry - ScotlandMAXTONE GRAHAM FORMERLY OF CULTOQUHEY - Burke's Landed Gentry (Scotland) - View the Maxtone Graham entry. The article found there was created for the newly published (web-based) Burke's Landed Gentry (Scotland) Family Homepages - courtesy of Nina Hugill. Further family photographs appear there with the permission of Robert Maxtone Graham.