The Anstruther Memorial Stone
Whitchurch, Buckinghamshire, England

Jan Struther died in New York in 1953. Her ashes are buried beside her father in the family grave at St. John The Evangelist Church, in Whitchurch.

Her father, Harry Torrens Anstruther, whom she adored, died in 1926 which is when this memorial stone (See the 1926 picture below) was first brought from his native Scotland and set here in the tranquility of the Buckingham countryside.

Some years after her father's death, Jan Struther wrote a moving vignette about him which was originally published as if she was writing about an uncle. This forced editorial deceit has recently been corrected by her son, Robert Maxtone Graham, and may now be read in full on this site.

The picture on the left (1926) is provided by courtesy of Wilma van Stratum - the God-daughter (and a relative) of Babs Anstruther. The photogrph records the arrival of the block of Scottish granite before it was set as the memorial stone. The group is standing at the corner in the churchyard adjacent to the spot where H.T. Anstruther was - and where now other family members are also - buried.

In the picture - Babs Anstruther, Douglas Anstruther - son of Harry Anstruther and brother of Joyce - (right) Lady "Mab" (Mabel) Wormald (Babs' mother) and, possibly, far right, Else Grootenhuis (née Wormald) a favourite first cousin of Babs Anstruther - both born in the same year, 1901 - and mother of the photograph's owner, Wilma van Stratum.

It is equally possible that the third woman is Joyce Anstruther herself.

Remembered here are:-
1926 - Henry (Harry) Torrens Anstruther, her father.
1932 - A.F.C.A. - Adrian Fagus Campbell Anstruther. (Age 15), her nephew by her brother's first marriage.
1953 - Joyce Placzek (Maxtone Graham) - née Anstruther.
1956 - Douglas Tollemache Anstruther, her brother.
1961 - Jean Dionis Drew-Smythe - née Anstruther, her niece by her brother's second marriage.
1981 - Evelyn Mabel (Babs) Anstruther - née Wormald., her sister-in-law by her brother's second marriage.