Smythe Family of Methven

Patrick Cecil Smythe O.B.E. W.S.
b.1888 d. 1969

Update May 2005

Making a visit to Charterhouse School recently, descendant cousin, Robert Maxtone Graham, was shown material in the school's archives (Archivist: Anne Wheeler - to whom thanks are warmly extended) and so was able to view various records about Patrick Cecil Smythe and his father, (Provost) Patrick Murray Smythe, both of whom were educated at Charterhouse. The former, Robert's great uncle, attended from 1900.

In this photograph, Patrick Cecil Smythe is seated to the very right of the group.

When Patrick Murray Smythe died, an obituary was written by Robert's father, Tony Maxtone Graham, and it appeared in the Scotsman of that year.

The portrait below was painted by Ernest S. Lumsden, RSA, 1883-1948 (whose details are in Who Was Who, 1941-50). Robert states that this information comes from Nicky Bradford, a grand-daughter of Patrick Cecil Smythe - and the present owner of the portrait. Robert adds that this image, taken from a photograph of the painting, is "very much as I remember him".


Family line of Patrick Cecil Smythe: - The family name of Smythe of Methven is pronounced "Smith".

Patrick Murray Smythe (The Very Reverend) - Provost of St. Ninian's Cathedral (Perth) - b.1860 d.1935 - m.1887 Mary Caroline Standish (of New Park (Hants) - Scaleby Castle) - Children - Patrick Cecil Smythe (qv. above)

The Knatchbull (Lords Brabourne) family members appear in "The Anstruther Guest Book" on this site.

NB - Euphemia Amelia Smythe m.1872 - Clement George Lefroy. (See Lefroy/Jane Austen connection above)

Patrick Murray Smythe (Reverend) - Rector of Solihull and Hon. Canon of Worcester. b.1804 d.1872 - m.1844 Anne Gertrude Mynors (of Weatheroak Hall, Worcs.) - Children - Robert David Smythe - b.1845 d.1920 (no children) - George Edward Smythe - b.1846 d.1900 (unmarried) William Mynors Smythe - b.1850 d. 1917 - m. Mary Anne Alston (d.1927) of Elmdon Hall and their fourth son, Patrick Murray Smythe (qv. above).

1851 Census Solihull

3.9.1838 Assignment of principal sum upon trust by Rev. G.A. Denison to Rev. P. Murray Smythe and W.T. Denison, and release of third share in estates at Kelstern, Lincolnshire; 3 Sept. 1838 First Party: Rev. George Anthony Denison, of Broadwindsor, Dorset. Second Party: Patrick Murray Smythe, of Tamworth, Warwickshire, and William Thomas Denison, of Woolwich, Kent [London]. (1) in consideration of his intended marriage to Georgiana Henley assignes to (2) principal sum of 5,000 to hold upon trust; (1) appoints (2) as his attournies and trustees; (1) releases, as part of lease and release, to (2) third share in estates at Kelstern, Elkington, Welton[-le-Wold] and Calcethorpe, Lincolnshire, to hold to the use of (2) upon trust. Consideration: 10 shillings and 5 shillings Recites Os E 9-10 and will of John Denison. 4 membranes - MSS - Catalogue of the papers of J. Evelyn Denison, Viscount ...

Quentin Smythe V.C.NB - George Quentin Murray Smythe V.C. - born 1916 - Natal, South Africa - a descendant of the Methven Smythe family line. Quentin Smythe was awarded the first South African Victoria Cross of World War II. His father was Edric Murray Smythe, who married (1911) Katharine Christina Ross of Natal. His grandfather (b.1852) was the Hon. Charles John Smythe, who married Elizabeth Margaret King of Lynedoch, Natal. The Hon. Charles Smythe was Speaker 1897-1899, Colonial Secretary 1899-1903, Prime Minister 1905-1906 and Administrator of Natal from 1910 until 1918, the year of his death. He was the second son of William Smythe of Methven (qv. below) (b. 1803 d. 1892) by second marriage (1849) to Emily Oswald, daughter of General Sir John Oswald, G.C.B., K.C.M.G. of Dunnikier, Fife. William Smythe of Methven was the brother of Patrick Murray Smythe (Reverend) - Rector of Solihull. (qv. above) The first son of William Smythe of Methven was Lt. Colonel David Murray Smythe of Methven (d. 1928) He married (1898) the Hon. Katherine Jane Bagot, daughter of 3rd Baron Bagot. David Murray Smythe was s. by his daughter, Barbara Emily Smythe (b. 1899). A Contemporary Note from America.

David Smythe of Methven b. 1746 d.1806 (carried the Judicial Title of "Lord Methven") - senator of the Coll. of Justice - m1. Elizabeth Murray (d. 1785) only daughter of Sir Robert Murray Bt. of Hillhead. Sons: David Smythe (1775-1798) - Robert Smythe - James Smythe (1779-1802) - m2. 1794 Euphemia Amelia Murray, - the "Flower of Strathmore," - ( Robert Burns Country - The Burns Encyclopedia- Murray of Lintrose ) - only daughter of Mungo Murray of Lintrose, Perthshire. - Sons: George Smythe - William Smythe - Patrick Murray Smythe (qv. above). (4 daughters died young) - Catherine Campbell Smythe (eldest daughter) m . 17 Jul 1827 Lord Justice-General David Boyle . (his 2nd marriage) She d. 25 Dec 1880.)

"Miss Smythe of Methven 's Favourite" - was a jig, composed by Robert Mackintosh,
a well known composer from the so called "Golden Age" of Scottish fiddle music, (1700-1850).

Some Methven papers: - BIFHS-USA- National inventory of documentary sources, 0.044

David Smythe of Methven b.1711 d.1764 - m1. 1741 Mary Graham of Braco - daughter of James Graham of Braco and his wife Katherine, daughter of Sir William Sterling of Ardoch. Chn: one son and two daughters, of whom, David Smythe of Methven (qv. above). He married secondly (1761) Katherine Campbell (daughter of Lord (titular) Monzie.) No children.

Sp. Smyth/Smith generations ...

David Smyth of Methven b.1683 d.1732 - m1. 1707 Katherine Cochrane - (daughter of William Cochrane, younger son of Lord Cochrane and his wife Lady Grizel Grahame, daughter of 3rd. Marquess of Montrose) - three sons and a daughter of whom, David Smythe of Methven (qv. above)

Patrick Smyth of Methven b.1627 d. ... He purchased the lands of Methven (Stewart Society > Places > Central Scotland > Methven Castle) in 1664, having sold his estate in Orkney. m1. 1652 Anne Kieth - (daughter of James Kieth of Benholm, brother of William 6th Earl Marischal) - son, Patrick, b.1655 - accidentally killed by his tutor whilst shooting on the Loch of Methven - m2. 1682 Janet Haldane (d.1725) - daughter of Mungo Haldane of Gleneagles and Margaret Gray - three sons and two daughters of whom, (qv. above) the eldest surviving son, David Smyth of Methven.

Patrick Smyth of Braco b. ... d. 1655 (lost at sea crossing the Pentland of Firth) - m1. 1618 Catherine Graham - daughter of George Graham, Bishop of Orkney (1615-38) - four sons and five daughters - m.2 1639 Margaret Stewart, - daughter of Henry Stewart of Kilinan - three sons and one daughter - m.3 16 .. Margaret Anderson - no children. His eldest surviving son (qv. above) Patrick Smyth of Methven.

Alexander Smyth b. ... d.1603 m. Margaret Oliver of Pitfogo

Patrick Smyth of Braco (s.1561) d.1604 - married Christian Haldane, daughter of Haldane of Killour.

William Smyth of Braco - had a charter of the lands of Braco and Warkland (August 1536) - married Agnes Scott of the family of Balgarvie - relative to Christopher Snel, of Balgarvie.

Patrick Smyth of Braco (reign of James IV of Scotland) - the line tracing back to Thomas Smyth - who was appointed Apothecary to James III of Scotland, as appears in a charter dated 29 January 1477.