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Photograph taken at Cultoquhey c. 1931

(Back Row) Patrick Smythe, James Maxtone Graham, Philip Smythe, Peter Maxtone Graham
(Centre Row) Ysenda Smythe holding Charles Smythe, Anthony Maxtone Graham holding Janet Maxtone Graham, Rachel Townsend holding David Townsend, Patrick Maxtone Graham holding twins - Michael Maxtone Graham and John Maxtone Graham - Margaret Ethel Maxtone Graham holding Robert Maxtone Graham, James Maxtone Graham
(Front Row) Anthony Townsend
About the photograph
Rachel Maxtone Graham Townsend wrote:

"In the summer of 1931, all the family was assembled at Cultoquhey. That never happened again. There was Os with Patrick, Philip and Charles; me with Anton and my David; Tony with Jamie, Janet and baby Rob; and Pat with Peter and the twins. So my parents sent for the local photographer to come out from Crieff and we all sat on the grass steps outside the drawiing room window, all 17 of us, while the photographer fiddled witht his camera under his hood. All the children were angelic, even the twins. Then Anthony who, even at the age of four, had a great thirst for knowledge, asked me in ringing tones, "Mummy, what colour is the photographer's navel?" Well, I may have my faults, but I'm pretty quick-witted in an emergency. "Gray, dear," I answered - and Anthony was completely satisfied - and nothing more was said."