Ysenda Maxtone Graham - of the 19th/20th centuriesYsenda Maxtone Graham 1895-1990
m. Patrick Cecil Smythe



Patrick Smythe - jazz musician1. 1923-1983 - Patrick Mungo Smythe (Jazz Pianist) - married Heather Standring. Children: Abigail Smythe and Alex Smythe (twins), Georgina Smythe

2. b.1925 David Phillip Smythe - married Sylvia ("Susie") Paul. Children: Verity Smythe - married Phillip Walters: Children: Lucy Walters, Joanna Walters. Nicola Smythe - married Andrew Bradford: Children: Edward Bradford, Louisa Bradford, Charles Bradford.

3. b.1928 Charles Maxtone Smythe - married Gillean Bovaird. Children: Philip Smythe, Henrietta Smythe - married Robert Owen, Victoria Smythe, David Smythe - married Moyra Glogan: Children: Alexander Smythe, Harriet Smythe.

Smythe Rev. Patrick Murray The Diary Of An All Round Angler Extracts From The Fishing Journals Kept For Over 60 Years 1872 - 1935. 1956. 1st Edn. 222 pages. illus,
George Quentin Murray Smythe - Quentin Smythe, V. C. - born 1916 - Natal, South Africa.
A descendant of the Methven Smythe line, Quentin Smythe was awarded
the first South African Victoria Cross of World War II.