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The Neville Lineage

Through a complex and extraordinary genealogical journey the Neville family has been discovered to have links with each of the three principal families treated on this site - Anstruther, Smyth/e and, separately, Drew - relation to the latter, coming in a circuitous way that seems to have linked hemispheres as well as uniting estranged cousin Drew branches in the modern era. In 1881, a Drew son, Nias James Drew, sailed to Australia, seemingly banished from London by his father - for reasons one can only guess at. One of his sisters in London married into the Smythe family thus precipitating the future hyphenated Drew-Smythe alliance. Her brother meanwhile, making his way in Australia, was expunged from family "existence" as far as the family in England was concerned.

In Australia, Nias James Drew fathered a number of children (within a de facto relationship) with Rosina Hascher (Critchley) who had arrived in Australia with her husband, Paul Hascher and with Nias James Drew on the same boat. Nias and Rosina's youngest child - a daughter, Sarah Ann Drew - was married (1917) in Western Australia to Henry Thomas Neville (born St. Kilda, Victoria, 1887 and died 1949 in WA).

Fay Todman (Neville) of Western Australia who married Donald Clarence Neville, the son of this latter marriage, has traced the Neville line back to a farmer, Robert Neville, in Ireland and his wife, Margaret Yeats. The IGI/LDS records show a Robert Neville as being born in about 1787 'in Ireland' and his spouse, a Margaret Yates having been born 'in Ireland' in about 1791. They are recorded as being married in about 1812.

Thus, the five generations to the modern era show as: Robert Neville b. 1787 ? (married c. 1812 Margaret Yates) Henry Neville b. 1828 (married 1861 Sophie Stoddart) (John) Robert William Neville 1861 (married 1884 Eliza Jane Hall) Henry Thomas Neville 1887 (married 1917 Sarah Ann Drew) Donald Clarence Neville 1931 (married Fay Todman).

How does - if he does - Robert Neville, farmer, born 1787 in Ireland, link back to the main Neville line - the line of Richard Neville, known as 'Warwick the Kingmaker' whose ancestors can be traced back to Norman and Saxon England as well as to Kenneth II, King of Scotland, who was born in about the year 932?

The Neville family in Ireland has a history going back to (primarily) William Neville (born about 1400, the son of Ralph Neville and Joan Beaufort) who married (before 1422) Joan Fauconberg. Their three daughters were born at Roxborough Castle in County Tyrone, Ireland. In the early seventeenth century, Richard Neville (born in England in about 1606) was married (c. 1650) to Margaret Usher of County Kildare, Ireland. The line traces back from the parents of Richard (Usher) Neville thus: Edward Neville and Margaret Palmes (Palmer) > Francis Neville and Mary Lewkenor > Edward Neville and Catherine Brome > Sir Edward Neville and Eleanor Windsor > George Neville and Margaret Fenne > Edward Neville and Elizabeth Beauchamp > Ralph de Neville (1st Earl of Westmoreland) and Joan de Beaufort > John Neville and Maud de Percy > Ralph Neville and Alice Audley > Randolf de Neville and Eupheme Fitzroger Clavering > Robert de Neville and Mary Fitzrandolph > Robert Neville (born about 1223) and thus back into the mists of time, continuation of which may be followed by clicking on this link to the LDS records.

Taking the marriage of Edward Neville and Margaret Palmes (Palmer) as the starting point for the Irish line, their children were:
Henry Neville b. about 1604 of Keymer, Sussex.
Richard Neville b. about 1606 (married Margaret Usher of County Kildare)
Anne Neville b. about 1609
Frances Neville b. about 1612
Mary Neville b. about 1614
The children of Richard Neville and Margaret Usher were:
Bridget Neville b. about 1652
Richard Neville b. about 1654
Robert Neville b. about 1656
Garrett Neville b. about 1658
John Neville b. about 1660

(see below)

Richard Neville 1654 Kildare Ireland m. Catherine (Mary) Barry.

Children: Richard Neville 1676, Mary Neville 1678, Francis Neville 1680, James Neville 1682 and Paul Neville 1684. (All dates are "about".)

Robert Neville 1656 Kildare Ireland m. Mary Twigg. Nothing further shown or known through LDS records.

Possible line to Robert Neville who married Margaret Yates.

LDS shows a file (NEVILLE-1866) linking a William John Neville, b 09 07 1866 with Margaret Mullally, Robert Neville and Margaret Yates.

Garrett Neville 1658 of Kildare Ireland. m. Miss Skelleru about 1690. Children: Thomas Neville and Parnell Neville.

Their son, Thomas Neville m. about 1735 Sarah Smyth (b. c. 1711) of Dublin. She was the daughter of Brent Smyth (born Dublin c. 1685) She died in about 1761.

They had three known children, Elizabeth Neville (1736), Garrett Neville (1739) and Brent Neville (1742). (All dates are "about".)

John Neville 1660 Wicklow Ireland. Spouse not listed in LDS.

Children: Richard Neville 1656, Alice Neville 1658 and Anne Neville 1660. (All dates are "about".)