In response to 'The Anstruther Guest Book',
Merlin Charles Sainthill Hanbury-Tracy - the 7th Lord Sudeley writes:-

"The Anstruther Guest Book, started by Harry and Dame Eva Anstruther is obviously a fascinating document. In 1922 appears the name of my mother, Joy Sainthill - some confusion arising, as she was christened Colline Ammabel. As I recall, from what my mother told me, there obviously was a strong and early friendship between my mother and Joyce Anstruther [the writer Jan Struther].

[The Guest Book] also discusses the confusion between 4th Lord Sudeley's daughter, Alice, who married Bertram Keppel and the other Alice Keppel, mistress of Edward VII - of whom the story is told that when she wished to take a train, she said to the taxi driver, "King's Cross." to which he replied, "Can't help that m'am." Her daughter, Violet Trefusis, friend of Virginia Woolf, was a powerful writer but I think would have been an even greater one if she had been disciplined through not having inherited from her mother the Villa Ombelino outside Florence and the large amount of money her mother accumulated on the advice of Edward VII's advisor, Cassel, on how to invest in Canadian Railways.

My Great Aunt, Sylvia Darley, married first Sir William Carmichael-Anstruther and secondly Algernon Hanbury-Tracy, father of my predecessor, 6th Lord Sudeley and his sister 'Duffie' of Whitchurch, Hants. The latter was known to Janet Rance [daughter of Jan Struther]. Duffie married Claud Nicholson of Nicholson's Gin who - as discussed in Airey Neaves' book, 'The Flames of Calais' - enabled the British Expeditionary Force to get away by holding on so long to Calais [in the early months of World War II].

My Aunt, Sylvia, was an awkward and controlling kind of woman. [On one occasion] when she gave her grandson, Richard Nicholson, lunch at the Hyde Park Hotel, she ordered Dover Sole and he ordered Steak. She asked that the plates should be switched round because she resented she could not have what he had."