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Anstruther and beyondThe Hastiings Trail Maternal Line Anstruther
Wormald, Hanbury-Tracy, Tollemache, Manners, Smith/Smyth ...
Jean Dionis Anstruther
B.Sc. (Vet.) Edin. M.R.C.V.S.
Born 1927 Married 1949
Died 1961

Jean Anstruther graduated from Edinburgh University, married and then began her veterinary practice in Gloucestershire and Wiltshire for the Ministry of Agriculture.

She subsequently worked in Herefordshire, Radnorshire and, for a short time prior to her early death, in Dyfed, Wales.

b.1950 (Generation 2)
Ian David Drew-Smythe
b.1954 (Generation 2)
Janet Diana Drew-Smythe

Drew/Smythe and beyondPaternal Line Drew-Smythe/Smythe/Smith/ ? Smyth, Cloutman, Jullion, Drew, Hayward, Webb, Danvers ...
Richard David Somerset Drew-Smythe (Capt.) . 1939-1945 Star, Burma Star, Defence Medal
M.F.H (North Hereford & Tivyside)
Born 1920
Died 1987
During the latter part of his life he was an Inspector with The British Horse Society preparing reports on Home Counties riding schools under the "Riding Establishments Act" for the Society.
He also worked for The Donkey Sanctuary.
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