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Captain Richard David Somerset Drew-Smythe (deceased 1987) and his younger brother, John Roderick Drew-Smythe (deceased 1995) - during their lifetimes and independently of each other maintained to their children that the Drew-Smythe Smythe line was linked to the Smythe line of Pat Smythe, Patricia Rosemary Smythe, the Olympic equestrian - and is thus related to the Smith and Smyth/e families of Durham, Yorkshire and Ireland - with all the ancestry that accompanies those lines. These lines lead back to Durham and Yorkshire in the Middle Ages and possibly to the Carrington family whose ancestor was the Standard Bearer to King Richard I during the 3rd. Crusade and whose (temp. Wars of the Roses) descendant changed his name from Carrington to Smith/Smyth for safety reasons after a spell in exile. For further investigation on this matter, see also David Smyth's notes on the Smyth/e and Carrington lines. These appear in the Endnotes to his comprehensive research into the history of the Smyth families of Ireland, with particular reference to his own family line - that of Hutchinson Smyth.A recent cousin line ... possibly connected - click here

In the closing years of his life, Captain 'Dicky' Drew-Smythe insisted more and more on the use of the third forename, 'Somerset' when dealing with official documents. 'Somerset' as a forename is common to both Drew and Smythe ancestors but is most clearly marked in the Meade Smythe line of the Smythe family to which he and his brother, Johnny, claimed kinship. Additionally, the use of place names as a second or third forename is/was not uncommon in Smith/Smyth/e genealogy -used as a 'distinguisher' where numerous family branches exist(ed). Click on the adjacent unicorn head for a possible cousin branch link. September, 2003.

The present descendant 'chief' of the Irish Smyth(e) line is (James) Robert Staples Smyth (b. 1926) who married (1971) Fenella Joan Mowat. Robert Smyth followed a career at Law as one of Her Majesty's Judges in England. His family branch pronounces the name as "Smith" as do many of the descendants of the Smith/e - Smythe families of Orkney and Braco/Methven in Scotland. DNA projects for Smyth/e seem to point to a general ancestry of Pictish descent in Ireland.

The "Tudor Rose" ... The Smith, Smithe, Smyth and Smythes of Ireland - which is is the probable Smyth(e) line of Thomas Smith (Smythe). A search is presently being conducted to establish the exact point of linkage to this Smith/Smyth/e genealogy.

Click on the Tudor Rose for further ancestor information relating to the marriage of R.D.S. Drew-Smythe to Jean Dionis Anstruther, 1949.

Other Smyth/e lines with possible connections are:

There are various possibilities and numerous Smyth(e) lines that might provide the answer - one of which may be seen by following this particular Smythe link. It reveals two clergymen - both named Edward Smyth - one of whom - Dr. Edward Smyth - was expelled from the orthodox church because he embraced the Methodist cause and so turned his back on the established Church of Ireland and thus also upon his clergyman father - and also upon his most illustrious uncle, Arthur F. Smyth, who was the Archbishop of Dublin, 1766-1772.
The Smythe family of the entrepreneurial London merchants and financiers with roots in Wiltshire who acquired estates in Kent and hearts and minds in foreign trade. This is the line of "Customer Smythe" - the great Elizabethan, founding line of Virginia, USA. The Smythe family of the protestant Cambridge classical scholar, prolific writer, legal expert, M.P. and privy councillor who was born and died in Essex but travelled widely and attempted a colony in Ireland. He left no living son.
(Details available via Essex link left.)
The Smythe family of the Oxford scholar and M.P. whose whole life seems to have been spent in England in Berkshire, Oxford, London, Westminster and Rutland.
Bishop William Smith (Smyth) (Smythe)The Smyths of Ireland ...During the latter years of The Wars of the Roses and through the reign of Henry Tudor - and during the early years of his son, Henry VIII - there was living a William Smythe (Smith) - who became the Bishop of Lincoln.

He moved in powerful circles - was well acquainted with the Neville family (a relative family of descendants treated on this site) - found the favour of two Tudor kings and was a founder of Brasenose College, Oxford. A series of articles about him may be accessed via his image.

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