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Discovery of unauthorised use of any material from this site by you, the user, may have legal consequences for you. By using this site you agree to abide by International Copyright Law and Convention. Images found in Internet Search Image Banks from this site are ALL in copyright and the usual permissions for use should be sought as outlined below.
Legal actions in 2005 - 0 required
Compliance and Material Credit requests in 2005 - 2
Resolved on request 2.
You may link to any page on this web site from your web pages provided that you do not cause it to be framed within your site as if it is part of your site.
Links requested in 2005 - 6.
Granted. 6. Correctly linked - 6.
Translations of texts from this site into your language may be made via internet services that provide virtual translations but any translated material in written form to be used for anything other than personal use may only be made with written permission. Please e-mail (address below) with your request.
Translation requests in 2005 - 2.
Granted 2
Limited permission - for educational/research purposes only - may be granted to students or researchers to use extracts from a text - not the full text - on this site by downloading it from its internet address page. It may be pasted or typed into your work provided that you e-mail details of the extract to be used and give the required source credit in the body of your work.
Permissions sought in 2005 - 2.
Granted 2.
Without written permission, (written permission is normally given to those who ask) images may NOT be reproduced in any medium, in any country under any circumstances.
Image use requests in 2005 - 12.
Granted 12.
Any text or image material you are permitted to use should be credited as follows:-
Text and/or Image(s) "extracted from the web site of David Drew-Smythe of Used with permission." It is in your own interest to keep a copy of the permission reply message which grants you the right to use a text/image from this site.
If one (or more) of the above notes applies to you, or if you are unsure about your legal position, please e-mail and state the material from this site that you want to use and the purpose for which it is intended.
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