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Emily Jane Jullion
Born 1855 - Married c.1877 Curtis William Cloutman - Died 1957

Emily Jane Jullion was born in 1855 within the sound of the Bow Bells in London to a family whose male line traces back to the 17th century Huguenot exodus from France. Family notes suggest that in about 1685, a male Jullion fled France and his descendants eventually arrived in England. His grandson, born in 1701, married Rebeckah Hughes, the daughter of Sarah Evans and Captain John Hughes. This latter's maternal uncle was Sir John Smith, known for lending large sums of money to the government of the day.

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The Jullion family was comfortable in London - one ancestor, an 18th century watchmaker of note, was Francis Jullion. His son, another Francis, was a bookseller and bookbinder. Family tradition maintains that the original Huguenot Jullion was heir to a French Dukedom, the family arms being 'a ducal coronet with a hand and dagger and the motto, on a garter, "Courage Sans Peur" - a motto reputedly used in the modern era by the family, Farren. (Gaelic: Ó Fearáin)

Emily Jane's paternal grandfather moved from London to the Bristol area and is believed to have been in the paper trade. Her father was Henry Hamlet Jullion. He married Charlotte Hayward (born in Wrington, Somerset) at St. Mary-le-Port Church in Bristol in 1848. Charlotte Hayward described herself in the 1881 census, at age 59, as being a 'retired licenced victualer'.

Emily Jane was the youngest of five children, though two of her siblings died in infancy. She was married in Bristol to Curtis William Cloutman, the son of London architect/surveyor, William Curtis Cloutman, who had eventually settled in Gloucestershire. They had six children. She outlived her husband by several years, surviving long enough to hold many great-grandchildren in her arms. She lived the last few years of her life in Eaton Crescent, Clifton and died in 1957 aged 102 - but there is no trace of a Royal Telegram amongst family papers!