BiograPhyle Evelyn Mabel (Babs) Wormald
Evelyn Mabel (Babs) Wormald
Born 1901 - Married 1925 Douglas Tollemache Anstruther - Died 1981

Babs Wormald was born on September 30th 1901. She was the youngest child of the family by several years and much of her childhood was spent in friendship with her cousin, Else Wormald. As the youngest daughter of the family she enjoyed many freedoms not commonly associated with young women of her generation. She was educated privately and spent her late teens facing the realities of World War I when so many young men lost their lives. One such casualty was her first love. She worked with her mother during the latter stages of the war as a volunteer nurse. She was a member of the Auxiliary Nursing Yeomanry.

Marriage was not a priority for her; but then she met her future husband. He had already been married and had a young family. They were married in 1925 and settled in Buckinghamshire before moving to Hertfordshire. During the Second World War she became an adept market gardener, administrator and business woman as well as hosting refugees and evacuees - both official and casual - at the family home in Redbourn.

In 1948 the family moved, with her ailing mother, to Tetbury in Gloucestershire by which time the marriage was under stress, with her husband suffering from acute bouts of depression - an illness from which he did not recover. Her mother died in 1953. They moved to London in 1955 and her husband died in 1956. She stayed on in London thereafter but spent many months of each year travelling and visiting extended family members and friends spread throughout England, Scotland and Wales.

In later life, and well after retirement age, her dedication to social work and her "modern" outlook saw her involved with the F.P.A. (Family Planning Association) in London and working to further the rights of wives and single mothers in the family context. She died peacefully in her own bed at Paradise Walk, in Chelsea in 1981.