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The choice of the theme of Louis XIV, the theme of the "Courts" of nations and the name of the charity to benefit from this occasion are all equally ironic in view of the momentous and tragic destinies of so many nations over the following five years.
In the political wings, by 1913, events were already taking place which were to cause the formation of alliances and subsequent war - a conflict that served to carry off the flower of this generation on a global scale. Many of the people listed on this programme were destined to fall in battle within a few short years. But here and for now, these gallants and their ladies danced and dazzled one another with their finery.
For the Ball there was a varied music programme - and the holder of this particular programme - who was probably Dame Eva Anstruther - was no doubt just as enthusiastic and optimistic as anyone else - and joined in just as confidently as any other too.
The dance card was not filled out beyond item 5. Items 2, 3 and 4 were rated as "fair" but item 5 was rated as "rather nice". It is probable, of course, that the references are to the musical content but it is amusing to conjure with the possibility, too, that it refers to dance "partners" and since no further comments appear in the Dance Card section one may presume, perhaps, that this guest, at least, found a diverting suitor for the remainder of the evening!

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