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The 1913 Benefit Ball was designed to be an opulent pageant of colour, style and movement. Every detail was to be as it would have been during the magnificent reign of King Louis - "Le Roi Soleil".
Each participant was to take on the character of a person living at the time of Louis XIV and to be attached to a group representing one of the many international Royal Courts of that era.
Some sixteen Courts were represented, each one organised by one particular co-ordinator and its members thereafter attended the "fête" at "Versailles" with the appointed Court group.
The centrepiece of the gala event was a performance by Madame Anna Pavlova and some members of the Russian Ballet who performed a selection of the Dances from the period.
The stage management was organised with sectors set aside for the inward procession of each Court into the body of the Royal Albert Hall. The plan, forming the centre folio of the circular programme, may be seen via this arrow link
Royal Albert Hall 5/6/1913 Floor Plan ~ floor plan.
NB The print on the original document is miniscule - all images have been manipulated to provide a balance between size and setting.
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