The Duchess of Devonshire's Ball 1897
The following is a list of the guests, exclusive of the Royal personages present:

General and Mrs. Talbot
Lord and Lady Cranborne
Mr. and Mrs. G. Keppel
Lady M. Fox-Strangeways
Mr. and Lady E. Dugdale
The Earl and Countess of Kintore
Mr. Jarvis
The Earl and Countess of Dunraven
Prince Victor Duleep Singh
Mr. and Mrs. Brett
Mr. and Lady Rose Leigh
Mr. and Mrs. A. Sassoon
Mr. Meyer Watson
Sir M. and Lady FitzGerald
The Earl and Countess of Enniskillen
Prince Victor of Hohenlohe and daughter
Lord and Lady Hillingdon and Miss Mills
Sir Ralph Blois
The Duke and Duchess of Montrose
The Duchess of Buckingham and Lord Egerton of Tatton and Lady Gore-Langton
Colonel and Mrs. Talbot
Lord and Lady Cardress and Miss Erskine
Mr. and Mrs. Almeric FitzRoy
Lord and Lady Bingham
Mr Arnold Morley
The Marchioness of Hastings and Miss Chetwynd
Mr. and Mrs. Walker
Lord Basil Blackwood
The Duke of Roxburghe
Lily, Duchess of Marlborough and Lord William Beresford
Mr. an Mrs. Alfred Lyttelton
Mr. Clarence Wilson
Captain W. Lambton
Marquis Paulac Montagliari
Captain and Mrs Philip Green
Count and Countess Clary and Count Kinsky
The Marquis and Marchioness de Jancourt
The Duchess of Hamilton
Mr. R. and Miss Sassoon
Mr. S. M'Donnell
Lord and Lady Powis
Captain and Mrs. Gerald Leigh
Lord and Lady Southampton
Mr. and Mrs. L. Rothschild
The Hon. Claude and Mrs. Hay
The Duke and Duchess of Newcastle
Sir George Arthur
The Spanish Ambassador and Countess de Casa Valencia
Mr. Somerset Hughes-Onslow
Lord and Lady Belper and Miss Strutt
The Marquis and Marchioness of Londonderry
The Duke and Duchess of Marlborough
Lord and Lady Ribblesdale
Lord and Lady Selborne
Sir W. and Lady Emily Hart Dyke
The Earl of Ellesmere and Lady Mabel Egerton
The Marquis of Tallibardine
Sir Francis and Lady Jeune and Miss Stanley
Mr. and Mrs. William Portal
Mr. B. Bathurst
Lady Mary Lygon
Mr. Grosvenor
Mr. Rose
Sir Edward Poynter
Lord Balcarres
Mr. and Mrs. A. Bourke
Mr. W. Wilson
Mr. H. Wilson
Lady Minto
Countess of Kilmorey
Lord and Lady Henry Cavendish-Bentinck and Lady Ottoline Cavendish-Bentinck
Lord and Lady Wolseley and Miss Wolseley
The Earl of Scarbrough
The Duke and Duchess of Somerset
The Hon. Harriet Phipps
Lord and Lady Suffolk
Mr. Arthur B. Portman
Viscount and Miss Peel
The Duke and Duchess of Westminster
Lord and Lady Suffield and Miss Harbord
Lord Arran
Mr. and Mrs. Barclay
Mr. Grey Duberlay
Mr. and Lady Violet Brassey
The Earl of Ronaldshay
Captain Hugh and Miss Frazer
Lord George Scott
Lord George Stewart-Murray
Lord and Lady Harewood
Mr. and Lady Clementine Walsh
Major Vesey Dawson
Captain and Lady Maud Warrender
Lord and Lady Carnarvon
The Countess of Leicester
The Lord Chancellor and Lady Halsbury
Mr. and Mrs. Maguire
Mr. and Lady Hilda Broderick
Captain Holford
Mr. and Mrs. Bourke
Mr. and Mrs. A. Grosvenor
Mr. and Mrs. and Miss Hay
Lord and Lady Glenesk
Mrs. and Miss Openheim
Lord and Lady J. Blackwood
Mr. and Mrs. and Miss Goelet
Lord Kenyon
Lord and Lady Milton
Sir John and Lady Lister Kaye
The Duke and Duchess of Buccleuch and the Ladies Scot
Lord and Lady Herschell
The Brazilian Minister
Mr. and Mrs. Curzon
Mr. and Mrs. R. Spencer
Mr. A. Beit
Mr. and Mrs Higgins
The Duke and Duchess of Leeds
The Marquis and Marchioness of Zetland
Sir H. and Lady Meysey Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. and Miss Chamberlain
Lord and Lady Ampthill
Colonel and Mrs. Chaine
Lord and Lady Yarborough
Sir A. and Lady Edmonstone
Lady Howe
Sir C. and Lady Hartopp
Mr. and Lady A. Forbes
Mr. Lu Rack
Mr. and Miss Balfour
Mr. and Lady Doreen Long
Mr. and Mrs. G. Beckett
Mr. and Mrs. R. Beckett
Mr. and Mrs. A. James
Lord and Lady Leconfield
Sir W. and Lady Harcourt
Lord and Lady Lurgan
Sir M. and Lady Lucy Hicks-Beach
Mr. C. Sykes
Lady Georgiana Dudley
Lord and Lady Landsdowne
Mrs. Adair
Lord and Lady Rodney
Lord and Lady Burton
Lord and Lady Falmouth
Mr. and Lady M. Greville
Mr. and Lady A. Beaumont
Viscountess Helmsley
Lord and Lady Battersea
Lord and Lady Latham
Lord and Lady Essex
Baron and Baroness Brienen
Sir R. and Lady C. Graham
Lady Cromer
Mr. Cassell
Lady Ormonde and Lady Beatrice Butler
The Earl of Euston
Lord and Lady Dalkeith
Mr. and Mrs. Farquharson
Mrs. Owen Williams
Mr. and Lady F. Duncombe
Mr. Ludwig Neunmann
Lord and Lady R. Cecil
Sir Allen Young
The Earl of Kerry
Lord and Lady Granby
Lord and Lady Magheramorne
Mr. Tadeschi
Lord and Lady Feversham
The Speaker and Mrs. and Miss Gully
Lord James of Hereford and Miss James
Lord and Lady Iveagh
Mr. and Mrs. Hamar Bass
Lord and Lady Burghclere
Sir Bartle Frere
Lord and Lady A. Compton
Mr. Guthrie
Lord and Lady Pembroke
Lord and Lady Hindlip
Lord and Lady Jersey and Lady M. Villiers
The Earl of Ava
Sir H. and Lady Ewart
Mr. and Mrs Bischoffsheim
Lord and Lady Hastings
Mr. and Mrs. and Miss Goschen
Mr. and Mrs. Anstruther
Lady Ampthill and Miss Russell
Lord and Lady Rosslyn
Colonel Swaine
The Duchess of Roxburghe and Ladies Innes-Ker
Sir H. Irving
Mr. and Mrs. C. and Miss Muriel Wilson
Lord and Lady E. Cecil
Captain and Lady M. Spicer
Mr. Spencer Lyttelton
The Marquis and Marchioness of Tweeddale
The Hon. G. Hood, and
Lord and Lady Westmorland