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The Hastings Legacy
The English Monarchy and the Saxon Line.

St. Margaret - c.1045 - 1093 was a Saxon Princess descended from King Egbert of the House of Wessex. She became the bride of Malcolm III of Scotland on arriving in Scotland with other Saxon refugees after the Norman Conquest. Her daughter, Matilda, married King Henry I of England who was the third son of King William (the Conqueror).

The English monarchy is the oldest European institution with the exception of the papacy. The history of the House of Wessex became the history of the English monarchy. King Egbert (802-839) was the founder of the dynasty. His mythical descent from Woden ran as follows:

Woden - Baeldaeg - Brand - Beorn - Frithugar - Freawine - Wig - Gewis - Esla - Elesa - Cerdic - Cynric (?534-560) - Ceawlin (560-592) - Cuthwine (d. 584) - Cuthwulf or Cutha - Coelwald - Cenred (d. 690) - Ingild - Eoppa - Eafa - Ealhmund, (under-king in Kent, 784-786) - Egbert (802-839).

From Woden's seven sons, the kings of the seven Anglo-Saxon kingdoms all claimed descent. For example, Ethelbert of Kent was seventh in descent from Wehta through Wehta's great grandson, Hengist. Anna of East Anglia was tenth in descent from Casere. Penda of Mercia was twelfth in descent from Weolthegreat. Aella of Deira was twelfth in descent from Weagdeag. Ida of Bernicia was twelfth and Cerdic was ninth in descent from Baeldaeg

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