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The Arms of the Earl of Oxford

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First launched on this site in January 2004, this work has been produced by The Fiction Works as an eBook. "The Private e-mails of William Shakespeare" may also be available soon as a printed paperback. For further details watch this space. Click on the The Fiction Works logo to visit the publisher's website. The text of this work is no longer available here; however, the Introduction is reprinted by permission of the Publisher and may be accessed via a simple click on the Original Cover image above.Genealogy associated with this work ...

William Shakespeare was indirectly related to half of the people mentioned in the Family Vault of the author. For a comedy of errors - or perhaps, indeed, the truth about Shakespeare's "lost years" and also to discover the mysteries surrounding the Tudor Internet, get your copy now!

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"This little book should be on the bedside table of every serious student of Shakespeare. It need never be opened but placed in a prominent position it will impress every guest and endow its owner with remarkable perspicacity."--Perdita Smith--Sydney

"This prequel to "Shakespeare on a Bicycle" promises to be the most successful short read in the smallest room of the house."--Cordelia Smyth--New York

"I have seldom had the pleasure of reviewing an in-depth study of the life of William Shakespeare. This was another of those occasions."--Benedict Smithe--Toronto

"Shake whom?"--Iago Smythe--London